The Personal Financial Planning Conference is for CPAs who are financial planners and business consultants who advise clients in retirement and financial planning issues. Receive advanced training in topics including estate tax, insurance, retirement planning, investments, divorce and more.

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Personal Financial Planning
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For CPAs who are financial planners and business consultants who advise clients in retirement and financial planning issues, this conference will provide training in the topics you need most. Be prepared for market volatility and uncertainty, and become an invaluable asset to your clients.

Sheraton Baltimore North, 903 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204

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Oct 23, 2018
8:00 am - 4:10 pm
Sheraton Baltimore North, 903 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204
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In-Person + Simulcast


Day 1

7:30 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00 am
Welcome to the Day
8:10 am
Keynote -FutureSkills: Interacting with Cognitive Technologies, Advanced Critical Thinking and Communication for CPAs

Keynote Speaker – Toby Groves

A transformation is occurring in the financial planning industry creating myriad opportunities for those ready to be part of the disruption.  The skillset needed for success is changing as well.  Standout performers will possess outstanding critical thinking and communication skills and the ability to interact with cutting edge cognitive technologies.  They will have the ability to inspire action and articulate complex concepts.  This will require a deep understanding of your data, and an even deeper understanding of how people will interact with it.

  • Hear radical, new approaches that allow you to understand complex data
  • Understand the science behind persuasion communication
  • Learn to communicate complex data with meaning and clarity
  • Learn how to interact with exciting, new cognitive technologies and how to leverage it for effective critical thinking, planning and decision making
  • Connect with people on a level that instills genuine trust and credibility
  • Understand how to persuade skeptical listeners and melt away resistance
9:25 am
Beyond Estate Documents: Converting Chaos to Clarity and Closure

Speaker: Charlie Wolpoff, The Kelly Group

“Estate planning” is not an abstract concept limited to drafting a few documents, throwing them in a file, and walking away. Estate planning is also about preempting the chaos that would otherwise engulf your family upon your death. It is about preparing your loved ones financially and emotionally; helping to assure your wishes are implemented without rancor or confusion; and leaving a spiritual legacy–a record of who you are and your dreams and values. This presentation will discuss a process your clients—and you—can use in creating a holistic estate plan that bequeaths the gifts of clarity and closure.

10:15 am
Networking Break
10:30 am
The Estate Administration Checklist

Speaker: Maurice Offit, Offit Kurman

All of us, during our lifetimes, make one list after another.  But, very few of us have taken the time to make a list of what needs to be done to properly administer the estate of a loved one.  The “Estate Administration Checklist” will set forth the steps that need to be taken to insure that a loved one’s estate is administered in a professional and efficient manner.

11:20 am
Digital Assets: New Laws of Interest to Your Clients

Speaker: Kevin Bress, PK Law

Recent law changes governing digital assets require people to add language to their estate planning documents if they are to give maximum access to their family for online accounts in the event of their death or disability. Even if the suggested language is adopted, learn how to spot issues with companies’ terms of service, which can trump any legal document.

12:10 pm
12:55 pm
(Live Like) You've Been Hacked

Speaker: Toby Musser, MNS Group

Thank you, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica for recently bringing to light the manner in which data is mined for profit and power. Gone are the days when anyone (everyone) can say that they are “too small” to matter online. When you factor in things like your credit and finance history, your social media presence (no matter how small), the websites you visit that require a log in, the apps you download to your various devices, and even your search history, you have a large digital footprint in the world. That, my friend makes you a target. While you may not consider this as a “hack” per se the data can still be used, costing you time and damages. Beyond the data you have volunteered to these corporations, your information has most likely been leaked through various “hacks” you have heard about in the news.

1:45 pm
All in the Family: Create Client Loyalty Across Generations by Understanding Family Dynamics

Speaker: Jean Dunn, T Rowe Price

Intergenerational wealth transfer represents one of the largest attrition risks to an advisors’ book of business. But there are steps you can take to build better relationships with an entire family by meeting their specific needs and serving them better, In turn, this will help you extend your practice to the next generation.  Topics included:

  • A quick process to identify what relationships are at risk if a wealth transfer occurs.
  • Insights on family dynamics that can help you develop relationships beyond the primary decision maker
  • A tool that helps you develop a specific action plan for key clients, based on their specific family dynamics
2:35 pm
Networking Break
2:50 pm
Succession Planning

Speaker: Tim Chase, Chad Norfolk, Chris Benson

It’s no secret that the financial planning industry is getting older. As more and more financial planners reach retirement age, we are faced with a difficult dilemma – who will take care of our clients after we retire? Despite spending our careers helping clients plan for their future, many of us have neglected to plan for the future of our own business. In this session we will hear from one of the trailblazers in our industry whose firm has successfully implemented a succession plan. He will be joined by one of the next generation leaders of his firm as they discuss the challenges they faced from both the “founder” and the “successor” point of view and how they overcame those obstacles.  Moderating their discussion will be another “next generation” financial planner, who is also in the midst of a succession plan at his own firm.
3:40 pm
Prospects for 2019: The Outlook for the US Economy

Speaker: Andy Bauer – Senior Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

The presentation will examine the current outlook for the US economy and offer perspectives for 2019. Labor market developments and the outlook for inflation will be discussed as well as the current stance of monetary policy. Factors affecting the outlook, such as fiscal stimulus and trade policy, will also be covered.

4:30 pm
Happy Hour in Rain 903 Bar Area


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