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Acts of Confidence Program Own Your Talent --- Face Your Fear --- Create Your Future


Why is confidence or the lack of confidence such a big topic for many professional women? Our work and research has found that having 100% unshakeable, unbreakable confidence is something most people wish they had. The majority of confidence conversations focus on external practices; while our work has informed us that Core Confidence is very much dependent on the internal elements of confidence.

The Ten Building Blocks to Core Confidence published in Core Confidence (the book) serves as a reference guide for this practical, outcomes-focused, seven-week online interactive program. Designed to reconnect participants with their inner resource of Core Confidence, the overall focus is to develop an awareness of their relationship with confidence, understand what strategies or self-sabotage techniques are getting in the way of staying in contact with their Core Confidence and support them in taking one big ACT of Confidence. Weekly themes and small acts of confidence provide a sustainable and progressive path towards achieving this goal.

Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman, authors of the book Core Confidence, have launched a program in Australia that is getting incredible results and are ready to pilot the same program for us. It is a mix of self-directed learning activities, supported by live weekly coaching conversations with Kate and Fiona. The investment is only $597* and 1 hr a week for the 10-week program. We’re also offering a $100 discount if you want to add a colleague or friend for shared learning and accountability, please share this discount code with them – 97RUFYFD. Need help getting buy-in from leadership? Use this template letter to explain the program, the investment, and the expected ROI. But we don’t want finances or lack of organizational support to preclude anyone from participating so we also created scholarship opportunities through our MACPA Educational Foundation. Complete the scholarship application here by 1/8/21 to be considered.

Course Highlights

  • Get clear and make decisions
  • Articulate and share their value
  • Ask and negotiate for what they want
  • Ask for help (networks, mentors, collaboration)
  • Fall down and get back up again (Resilience, failure and fear)
  • Set and enforce boundaries
  • Build their personal brand and presence

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate an increase in their self-assessed confidence
  • speak up more without needing to have 100% certainty of being right
  • be prepared to say yes, even if they risk failure
  • feel more confident about what to do if things don’t go according to plan; and
  • have a stronger belief in what they can achieve
Kate Boorer Fiona Pearman
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Acts of Confidence Program

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