The Government & Not For Profit Conference addresses the unique technical and professional challenges of the CPAs working in these sectors. This annual, one-day event puts a special emphasis on the skills and insight that CPAs can immediately implement.

This years event will be presented virtually this year – offering you the option to choose from several concurrent sessions throughout the day.  Please view agenda to see the new 2022 topics!


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Apr 22, 2022
7:55 am - 5:00 pm EDT
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DAY 1 of 1 April 22, 2022
7:55 am - 8:00 am
Welcome and Conference Announcements
8:00 am - 8:55 am
Keynote: We're All in Cybersecurity Now: How Your Career and Daily Life Are Affected by an Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Speaker:  Heather Smith, MS Cybersecurity, Digital Forensic , Principal, DFIR Consultants, Crowdstrike

Join Heather Smith, a digital forensics practitioner, in learning about current cyber threats big and small and how they are affecting everything around us. Get a walkthrough of the major hacking events of the past year, current attack patterns, and an overview of major active Threat Actor groups. After covering the doom and gloom, this session will provide some hope — what we can all do to better protect ourselves and the work we do. Welcome to your new role in Cybersecurity – one team, one fight!


If you have issues with sessions playing or starting please contact a member of our member services team through the online chat, located in the bottom right of your screen or call at (410) 296-6250.

8:55 am - 9:10 am
9:10 am - 10:20 am
001. Automation / Data Analytics

Speakers:  Mark Tessar, CPA, CIA Audit Manager and  Yevgeniy Sukhenko, CPA, Supervisor, GRF

Finance departments and auditors alike are now turning to artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline tasks and improve reporting – digitally transforming their organizations for better decision-making and the flexibility to pivot when necessary. The benefits of these technologies are attractive, but which technology investments are appropriate for your organization and provide the biggest “bang for the buck”? Join GRF as we provide insights and best practices for technology selection, systems implementation and leveraging the most benefit from technology investments.

002. Cryptocurrency - Team FUD* or Team FOMO**? Steering your Nonprofit into the Cryptocurrency arena (*Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; **Fear of Missing Out)

Speakers:  Dennis Chyba, President, Adcieo and Karen Roche, CPA, Partner, Calibre CPA Group

Crypto, NFTs, Monopoly money, what is the difference? In the US there are 35 million users of cryptocurrency and $220 million donated. With numbers this size it is hard to ignore. This session will provide an overview of the opportunities and outline critical things to consider for risk mitigation when it comes to these new forms of donations.


003. Covid Funding - Do I Need a Single Audit? Compliance Update

Speaker:  Tricia Reaver, CPA, Director – Internal Audit Division,  Frederick County Government

A basic update of the single audit compliance supplement addendum. This overview will be from where you start a single audit and take you to where you can find resources.

004. OMB Updates

Speaker:  Deirdre A Harrison, Deputy Controller, Office of Management and Budget

Acting Controller Deidre Harrison will provide an update on current OMB activities pertaining to Federal Financial Management. She will deliver remarks on the President’s Management Agenda Priority 3 and how the Government manages grants and other forms of financial assistance to support the Administration’s priorities. Additionally she will share best practices recently learned from the implementation of the American Rescue Plan.

005. Tax Implications of Remote Working

Speakers:  Frank Linkous, CPA, Senior Manager and Ryan Welling,  CPA, MBA, Senior Accountant, Weyrich, Cronin, Sorra

As companies and organizations come out the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic one trend that is here to stay is remote work. While remote work widens the labor pool for organizations what compliance considerations are there? This session will review the impacts remote working employees can have on an organization’s income tax, unemployment, payroll tax, state registrations and more.

006. Diversity, Ethics and High Performing Cultures - Using Ethics as a Lever to Build a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Speaker:  Karl Ahlrichs, SHRM-SCP, CSP, Business Learning Institute

Where are we going, who will we be working with, and what do we need to know when we get there? We need to update our strategic view of the world of Diversity and Inclusion, and in the specialized world we work in, we need to learn how to train these new viewpoints into our organizations. In this fast-paced session, Karl offers multiple viewpoints on ethics and leadership and applies them to the challenge of building an inclusive culture. New ethical challenges and how they apply to diversity and social responsibility will be covered, as well as, advanced methods for training others in these issues. We will begin with fresh data on the metrics that really matter, which will lead us to significant ethical challenges on the horizon. All of this will be mapped on top of a brief review of some fundamental economic data and the client service framework accounting and finance teams are operating in. This will be a strategic session, offering the view from 35,000 feet with occasional dips to ground level.

10:20 am - 10:35 am
10:35 am - 11:45 am
007. Virtual Audits Panel Discussion

Speakers:  Erin Clark, CPA, MBA, Audit Manager, SEK, Kevin Stouffer,  CPA, SEK, and Eva Webb, CPA, Principal, LSWG


008. Online Giving Campaigns - Lessons from the Past 20 Years – Making Your Online Giving Efforts Count

Speakers : Dennis Chyba, President, Adcieo and Patty Lovett, CPA, MBA, Partner, Calibre CPA Group

What used to be just a “DONATION” button on the website has become so much more. But, to attract and retain donors, what makes the most sense? Nonprofits are competing in a more crowded market. This session will explore some of the ways that online giving has changed in the past 20 years and how organizations can plan. Today this is especially important as a major transfer of wealth has just begun and generational engagement is vastly different.

009. GASB Update

Speaker:  Jialan Su, CPA, Supervising ProjectManager, GASB

This GASB Update will focus mainly on the overview of the pronouncements currently being implemented, including Statement No. 87, Leases through Statement No. 98, The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.  If time allows, the Update will also briefly go over projects currently being deliberated by the Board, the guidance and resources related coronavirus, the pre-agenda research activities, as well as the post-implementation review activities.

010. Managing Remote Employees for Productivity, Sustainability, and Engagement

Speaker: Karl Ahlrichs, SHRM-SCP, CSP, Business Learning Institute

In distributed workforce with virus concerns, organizations must operate effectively with a remote or partially remote workforce. This facilitated discussion will share practical tools to  help you effectively build and manage a remote or virtual team.  Topics include motivating  at a distance, technology tips and tricks to bridge the gap, hiring to a new staffing model,  and performance management for remote work.

011. American Rescue Plan

Speaker:  Sean Walker, Principal, CLA Washington DC

This session will discuss the background and content of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) issued on March 11, 2021. Additionally, the session will identify the accounting and auditing issues resulting from ARPA, evaluate an entity’s compliance with ARPA regulations, and imagine possible concerns for management and auditors in the future related to ARPA.

012. Good Governance: Leading with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Speaker: Glen O’Gilvie, CEO, Center for Nonprofit Advancement

Good governance determines the success of nonprofit organizations and sets the tone for effective operations.  Leadership with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) will explore tips and strategies, as well as the impact of implementing DEI board and organizational priorities.

11:45 am - 1:00 pm
1:00 pm - 2:10 pm
013. NFP Cybersecurity & Related Reputation Risks

** This session will be pre-recorded.  The speakers will be available during the 2:10pm break in a live Zoom meeting to answer any questions you may have.  

Speakers:  Darren Hulem, CISA, Security+, Supervisor, Mac Lillard, CPA, CFE, CISA, CRISC, CITP, Manager and Melissa Musser,  CPA, CITP, CISA, Partner and Director, GRF CPAs & Advisors

Are the appropriate discussions around Cybersecurity and Information Technology being held at the board and/or audit committee level?  Has your website domain been blacklisted without your knowledge? Are visitors not coming to your site because it’s flagged as unsafe? Are your donor lists being shared on the dark web? Learn the best practices for monitoring and protecting your organization’s most valuable asset: your reputation. Understanding your reputation risk goes way beyond just googling your company name. In this session, we will cover the many ways your online reputation can be compromised and offer recommended tools available for monitoring these risks. We will also discuss remediation steps for addressing any issues uncovered.

014. New Gifts In Kind Standards

Speakers:  Omid Mohebbi, CPA, Audit Manager and Ricardo Trujillo, CPA, CITP, CISA, Partner, Audit, GRF CPAs & Advisors

Join GRF’s nonprofit audit experts Ricardo Trujillo, CPA, and Omid Mohebbi, CPA, for a comprehensive webinar on this critical new ASU affecting those nonprofits that receive contributed nonfinancial assets. Nonprofits should be fully prepared for the financial statement disclosure changes and the additional records they will need to keep in 2022. Participants will gain invaluable information about the tools they need to successfully implement this Accounting Standards Update and be ready for their next audit.

015. Indirect Rate Recovery

Speaker:  Paul Calabrese, Principal, Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services, GRF CPAs & Advisors

This session will include a discussion regarding indirect rate strategies for cost recovery:

  • Sub-recipient ability to obtain a negotiated indirect rate from an agency,
  • Sub-recipient options for negotiating their indirect rate with their Pass-Through-Entity,
  • The alternate direct cost method of allocating indirect cost line items as direct for a sub-recipient,
  • The “direct billing method” for sub-awards performed overseas,
  • The HHS fixed rate for entities in foreign nations,
  • How to deal with the PPP loan forgiveness credit,
    • How does it impact fixed amount awards,
    • How does it impact the 10% de minimis rate,
    • How does it impact your negotiated F&A rate,
  • Thinking out-of-the-box cost recovery,
  • Where to put bonus expense: fringe or F&A,
  • Sub-awards and the MTDC base: subcontracts, consultants and non-Federal sub-awards,
  • What about cost recovery when the yearly NICRA is greater than provisional,
  • Anything new about indirect rates from the updated FAQ dated May 2021,
  • Anything to learn about indirect rates from the prior FAQ dated July 2017.”


017. IT Auditing

Speakers:  Anthony DiGiulian, Director, SCH and Sam Fitzgerald, ITIL, CISA, CISM, IT Consultant Manager, SCH

This session will provide a general understanding of IT auditing standards and guidelines associated with performing IT focused internal audits based on current trends and best practices.  An evolving IT landscape requires that IT Internal Auditors stay close to the changing regulatory environment around IT risk disciplines, and Internal Audit leaders keep pace with emerging risk themes.

2:10 pm - 2:25 pm
Break and Live Q&A Session

Join this session to chat with Darren Hulem and get your questions answered from the NFP Cybersecurity & Related Risks panel session.

2:25 pm - 3:35 pm
019. Impact Investing

Speaker:  Michael Abbenante, CRPC ℠, Senior Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor, THE ABBENANTE GROUP

ESG and Impact Investing has been a focus of large financial institutions and investment firms for a very long time, but never has it been in such high demand by retail clients.  My firm Merrill Lynch and many financial institutions we partners with have excellent research, resources, and investment options available to share with MACPA members and their clients.  Michael Abbenante @ Merrill Lynch / Bank of America will be presenting Blackrock Funds’ current approach at ESG/Impact investing.  Blackrock is the largest institutional asset manager in the United States today.

020. Audit Report Changes – SAS 134, 135, 137, 139, and 140

Speaker:  Heather Plitt, CPA, Technical Director, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

SAS 134, 135, 137, 139 and 140, effective for 12/31/21 year-ends, significantly changes the auditor’s report and performance standards. This course walks through the reporting changes and their impact on audit engagements.

021. Economic Update

Speaker:  Daraius Irani, Ph.D., Vice President, Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, Towson University

This session will be an economic overview of the national economy and MD’s economy, what factors are influencing the respective economies and how the future looks for Maryland. We will focus on the expenditure side of the economy looking at consumption, private investment, government spending and net exports. We will pay particular attention to the labor markets at the national and state level.

022. Boosting Resilience and Well Being

Speaker:  Christa Kirby, MA, LCAT, PMP, CSM, CSPO, VP of Talent Development and Practice Director for Management and Leadership, CEG

In this interactive session, we’ll investigate science-based strategies for building resilience and well-being. We’ll explore the profound connection between mind and body, identifying concrete steps individuals can take to enhance their health and productivity. By the end of the workshop, participants will discover new ways to activate internal resources to deal with external pressures, equipping them with a renewed sense of empowerment and possibility

3:35 pm - 3:50 pm
3:50 pm - 5:00 pm
Endnote - The Great Resignation

Speaker: Trey Barnette, Regional Vice President, Robert Half


The Great Resignation is your look into the hiring trends making noise across the country. Learn why employees are looking for new jobs amid the Great Resignation and explore the new hiring and retention challenges employers are facing as they adapt to the needs of a more mobile workforce. This presentation also delves into the latest numbers on hiring, hybrid work and the cost of a bad hire.


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