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CPA Innovation Summit: Moving from Essential to Indispensable


“CPAs can’t thrive during uncertain times.”
That’s not true. We can. We must. And we will.

As businesses around the world reckon with the challenge of COVID-19, one thing is clear: there is no going “back to normal.” Instead, our charge is to reinvent an entirely new economic reality – our next normal.

In a world shaken by a global pandemic, economic unrest and societal injustice, CPAs remain one of the only institutions the public can still believe in. CPAs play a pivotal role in the social and economic heartbeat of this nation and it’s, for this reason, imperative we develop anticipation, agility, and adaptability – the future-proof skills that will see you and your clients through the economic storm.

Simply put: it’s about being an indispensable resource in our roles to our organizations, clients, and our communities. This virtual event will equip you with tools and knowledge to hear from experts in the Accounting Ecosystem with the tools including cloud accounting systems, HR, risk management, AI automation (and more!) and leave with practical, action-oriented takeaways to start implementing right away.

This year, the Summit matters more than ever. If you want to be notified when registrations go live add your email below and you will get a special notification allowing you to be one of the first to register – guaranteeing you a spot!


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CPA Innovation Summit: Moving from Essential to Indispensable

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