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The event will be held in the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in the Kossiakoff Center. 11000 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723

All materials for this event will be offered electronically only. Registrants will receive instructions to access the materials prior to the conference.


The 2017 CPA Summit is a one-day event where CPA’s learn from the most important voices in the profession and find solutions to push careers forward. Topics include leadership, technology, cutting-edge trends, and emerging professional issues. This interactive event is the CPA event of the year!

The 2017 event is still being finalized – so check back soon for more details.  Please see the sessions we have entered below and we will be adding new sessions very soon!

If you choose to attend the simulcast, please note that only specific sessions will be offered in this format, they will be denoted by an asterisk (*) next to the session title, but will include all general sessions.

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Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd
Laurel, MD 20723 US
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Dec 13, 2017
8:00 am - 4:10 pm EDT
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd
Laurel, MD 20723 US
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DAY 1 of 1 December 13, 2017
7:00 am - 8:00 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast
1 CREDIT 8:00 am - 8:50 am
How to Thrive in the Age of Creative Destruction - Big Data, AI, Blockchain*


Speaker: Leon Katsnelson, Director and CTO, Analytic Platform Emerging Technologies – IBM

Leon Katsnelson is a serial intrepreneur and pushes the frontier of technology.  As the director and CTO of IBM Strategic Partnerships, he leads a team focused on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and other applications of Cognitive technologies.  Katsnelson will share the value created by AI, and how it is accessible to organizations of all firms to create their own disruption.  AI is at work in the accounting profession today, what is your plan for employing it for the future?

8:50 am - 9:00 am
Networking Break
1 CREDIT 9:00 am - 9:50 am
AI in Auditing: Together Towards Tomorrow*


Speaker: John Colthart – MindBridge AI

The world of audit has changed considerably and has come a long way since its evolution. The impact that the variety, volume, and velocity of data are making in the financial world is more of a splash than a ripple. In addition, various auditing standard bodies mandate a higher responsibility on the auditors for providing more information to the investors and the public.

This session will talk about applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the auditing function.

The Cherished Advisor

Speaker: Amy Vetter, CPA – Xero

As accounting and bookkeeping professionals, we strive to improve our clients’ businesses with the financial information we provide to them. Yet many of us still spend the majority of our time entering data and crunching numbers, which doesn’t leave enough time in our day to help our clients actually improve their businesses at a holistic level. In this session, Xero leader Amy Vetter, CPA will guide us in how to become the cherished advisor adding the highest level of value to our clients using the best of a Xero’s cloud tools. Amy will give practical insight into how to sell, onboard, and retain clients in a new business world.

Technology Disruptors: How They Will Change Your Job

Speaker: Mike Sabbatis, CEO – XCM

Technology disruptors are the largest drivers of change in business now and for the foreseeable future. These technology disruptors—automation, greater use of advanced data and analytics, cloud-based tools, robotics, and AI—are common across all major industries, raising similar opportunities and challenges to business and operating models of the future,” according to P. Scott Ozanus, KPMG U.S. Deputy Chairman and COO, in KPMG’s 2017 U.S. CEO Outlook Survey.

Join XCM™ CEO Mike Sabbatis at MACPA’s Summit to learn how technology disruptors will change your job—whether you are a CFO, Controller, or Individual Contributor.

Staying Secure in an Insecure World

Speaker: Byron Patrick, CPA

Every day there is another threat on the news. Whether we are talking about Equifax or our national infrastructure, we continue to see risks that compromise the safety of our information and identity. In this presentation Byron will present the basics of protecting yourself and your data so that you can sleep at night.

9:50 am - 10:10 am
Networking Break
1 CREDIT 10:10 am - 11:00 am
How Greater Control Over Your Core Services Improves Your Firm's Performance and Relevance*


Speaker: Dr. Chandra Bhansali – Accountants World

In the desktop era, software created primarily for small businesses dominated accounting practices. This model has created many challenges for accountants and it limits accountants’ ability to fully use their expertise to best serve their clients and undermines accountants relevance. The cloud has made possible a new class of professional accounting systems that enables accountants to have stronger control over accounting. In this seminar you’ll learn how:

You’ll walk away learning how this alternate model of client accounting made possible by the cloud raises you relevance and makes you r firm more profitable.

Trends: People, Talent, Customers. What trends will affect your business and how to harness value

Speaker: Ian Ferreira – OpHaus

Accounting and Finance professionals are partners in leading their organizations in times of change. How will you harness demographic data to help your organization plan and prepare for success in the short and long term?  What do these demographic changes mean for talent and how we source and acquire talent in the future?  We can utilize technology to help make the process more efficient, but people will determine the extent.

Ian Ferreira, Chief Product Officer at OpHaus, will share the demographic trends that will affect your team, talent pipeline, and your customers. He will also discuss technology concepts that will impact career management and talent acquisition. You will come away with actionable data to take back to your organization.

From Payroll Processing to a Workflow Management Solution

Speaker: David Kelly – Kelly

Like all businesses, the payroll processing world is constantly changing. These changes are due to government regulations, client outsourcing and opportunities for payroll processors. Come learn what new solutions are available to your clients and the direction of the market.

11:00 am - 11:10 am
Networking Break
1 CREDIT 11:10 am - 12:00 pm
The Future of Accounting and Auditing: A Media Perspective *


Speakers: Bill Sheridan, Gail Perry, Dan Hood, Matt Kelly

What do the editors of, CPA Practice Advisor, Accounting Today and CPA Trendlines think about the future of accounting and auditing in the Age of Machines? MACPA’s Bill Sheridan convenes a panel of Gail Perry, Dan Hood, and Rick Telberg to get their perspectives on the latest trends facing CPAs and finance and accounting professionals. What will the impact of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain be on the Profession? How are firms and companies adapting? What is the outlook for talent, innovation, and new services in the future?

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
1 CREDIT 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Taking a Human Approach to AI: Your Role In Being the Catalyst for Transformation*


Jennifer Warawa, Executive Vice President – Partners, Accountants & Alliances – Sage
Tom Hood, CPA, CEO – MACPA / Business Learning Institute

Technology is delivering the accounting profession into a transformational era beyond cloud adoption, but this does not mean businesses are ready to welcome the changes. In this keynote, Sage’s EVP of Partners, Accountants & Alliances Jennifer Warawa explores the metamorphosis of the profession, the technology that is driving it, and the important role accountants (YOU) play in driving step-by-step adoption of this evolution.

1:50 pm - 2:10 pm
Networking Break
1 CREDIT 2:10 pm - 3:00 pm
A Vision for the Future-Ready Leader*


Speaker: Rachel Druckenmiller – SIG

We spend a great deal of time and effort making sure our companies are future-ready, but what does being a future-ready leader look like and why does it matter? Overwhelm, disengagement, and burnout are plaguing many leaders these days and are negatively impacting company culture as a result.
What does it take to become a future-ready leader? A leader that casts a compelling vision and creates a culture of innovation, collaboration and connection? A leader who leaves an inspiring legacy? A leader who invites his or her employees to bring their best selves to work?
You will walk away from this session empowered and equipped to become a transformational leader who leads by example and inspires others to do the same.

Lightning Round: 4 Techies and the Technology They Use

Speakers: Byron Patrick, CPA, Greg Rittler, CPA

Here the latest and greatest tips and tricks from technology pros. Bryon and Greg will cover the apps they are using on mobile devices as well as in their businesses to push productivity in their organizations and the organizations they work with.

Bring a question or challenge you are facing for this interactive session.

Professionalization of Client Accounting Advisory Services

Speakers: Samantha Mansfield – CPA.COM

The 2016 PCPS and CPA.com MAP Survey revealed marked increase in firm revenue related to client accounting services (CAS). As more firms are formalizing virtual CFO and controllership practices, client awareness and expectations are growing. To meet expectations, firms need to focus on service, training and best practices. This session will discuss how firms are raising the bar for exceptional advisory services.

Learning objectives:
· Awareness of trends driving growth in client accounting services
· Review of the stages of the evolution of to a CAS practice
· Hear about firms that have already developed a CAS practice

Cyber Risks, Trends, and Mitigation

Speaker: Gretchen McCole – AON

Cyber crime is a rapidly increasing and dynamic threat to all businesses across the globe.

Accounting firms of all types and sizes are not immune.

Today I will talk about some of the risks facing firms, cyber trends, and mitigation techniques to help manage the exposure.

3:00 pm - 3:20 pm
Networking Break
1 CREDIT 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Extraordinary Times - Extraordinary Leadership / Closing Session*


Speaker: Kimberly Ellison Taylor, Chair, AICPA

Kimberly is on the vanguard of the Profession globally as the Chair of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and an executive at Oracle. She will explain what it takes to lead in these extraordinary times covering the latest issues and opportunities facing the global accounting profession. You will leave inspired and motivated to elevate and accelerate your career.


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