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  • Access specific sections based on practice area or professional interests.

Networking Events

  • Attend events where you can expand your business contacts, and therefore, your business.
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Legislative Advocacy

  • Contribute to the success of projects and public interest, ensuring a consistent presence when advocating for positive legislative outcomes.


  • Annual event where members can meet face-to-face with our legislators to protect our profession.

CPA License & Regulatory Improvements

  • Play a role in improving the standards and regulations that shape the nature of our work.
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Professional Learning & Skills Development

Complimentary CPE & CPE Discounts

  • MACPA makes sure to offer enough complimentary CPE every year to cover the cost of membership dues.

Publication Subscriptions

  • Be in the know on the latest industry and professional trends with access to hard-hitting publications created just for you – and often times, by you!

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