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Date Title CPE Format City/Area
12/15/22 COMPILATION, & REVIEW UPDATE: SSARS 21-25 5 Webcast Replay Online
01/10/23 Statement of Cash Flows: Preparation, Presentation, and Use 4 Webcast Replay Online
01/11/23 Construction Contractors: Auditing Considerations 4 Webcast Replay Online
01/19/23 Revenue Recognition: Presentation and Disclosure 1 Webcast Replay Online
01/19/23 Special Considerations under Revenue Recognition 1 Webcast Replay Online
01/24/23 Leases: Mastering the New FASB Requirements 8 Webcast Replay Online
01/25/23 Lease Modifications 1 Webcast Replay Online
01/25/23 Sale and Leaseback Transactions and Leveraged Leases 1 Webcast Replay Online
01/25/23 Lessee and Lessor Accounting 2 Webcast Replay Online
01/25/23 The Bottom Line on the New Lease Accounting Requirements 4 Webcast Replay Online

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