A Game Plan for Successful Audits

Delivered as an eight-part on-demand learning program, Auditing Bits in Bytes™ is a practical break-down of "real world" best practices applied in highly successful audits. The courses guide professionals through the complete audit process from start to finish, from pre-engagement planning activities to to wrap-up and quality control.

A Practical Break-Down of “Real World” Best Practices Applied in Highly Successful Audits designed to guide professionals through the complete audit process from “A to Z” – starting with Pre-Engagement Planning Activities, and going all the way through Wrap-up and Quality Control.

Attempting to perform an effective and efficient audit can be intimidating and confusing, for new and experienced auditors alike. This series will provide valuable tips and techniques from an experienced auditor that are needed to successfully design and perform financial statement audits in “real-life” circumstances. Extensive illustrative examples will be used to reinforce a practical understanding of the most critical principles and standards that support a high-quality, insightful, and profitable engagement.