Everywhere you go, you hear about the risk of disruption and the need to change your business model — in a word, the need to be innovative.

That is why we created the MACPA Innovation Summit, coming to the Hyatt Baltimore Inner Harbor on June 16.

Think about it as big whiteboard for CPAs to see all of the changes and innovations all around our profession — changes in standards, the latest tax updates, new leadership topics, and the latest tools and technology to help CPAs do their business “more better.”

It’s like throwing a big net out in the ocean to catch the latest ideas and innovations, then hauling that net onboard and sorting through the catch to find those “keepers” that will help our CPAs be the best they can be — to achieve their vision of being THE most trusted advisors who help their clients and employers achieve their goals with the CPA’s insights and integrity.

That’s why we created the MACPA Innovation Summit. That’s why we need a few great (innovative) sponsors.

See what our sponsors and members said at last year’s event:

See more in our 2013 sponsor recap here.

Here is our sponsor page with all of the opportunities to reach CPA decision-makers, whether they are in a CPA firm, business and industry, government and not-for-profits.

Last year our audience was primarily savvy decision-makers, with 36 percent already leveraging the cloud and 32 percent “thinking about it” (double the national averages).

Last year we had 13 of Accounting Today’s Top 100 influencers at the Summit.

Our social amplification exceeded EVERY national accounting technology conference, with a reach of 256,256 and more than 1,816, 627 impressions. (See our SlideShare deck for details and more stats.)

Our learning sessions are designed for high-impact learning and feature national speakers and leaders of the technology companies.

It’s about quality, not quantity. We attract close to 350 decision-makers ready to innovate.

This year, we are adding even more innovation and member engagement with several special events:

  • The pre-event press conference, which will feature our special startup scholarships, our conference technology partners, the leading technology providers in accounting, and national and local media.
  • Our annual “thought leader” dinner with all major sponsors, speakers and MACPA leadership.
  • The conference kickoff, a special “Future of Accounting Technology” roundtable with our premium sponsors.
  • A new feature this year, a closing session featuring our ThinkTank collaboration technology to capture insights by special breakouts to be shared with the entire group.

That’s why many call this the CPA Event of the Year

We want you to help us move the CPA profession forward. To help us see where the latest opportunities are and how your tools are enabling new ways for CPAs to work. To engage in our conversation about helping CPAs thrive in these rapidly changing times.

Are you in?

For sponsorship information and opportunities, see our special sponsor page here or contact Andrew Hood at andrew@macpa.org. 

Registration information can be found here.

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