A recent study by Cornell’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies and The Gevity Institute outline the top six outcomes for businesses (or firms) that you receive from managing people better. My friend, Mark Koziel at the AICPA‘s PCPS referred me to this report. The top six outcomes for small and mid-size businesses (and CPA firms) are:

  1. Commitment to the company — loyalty
  2. Job involvement — the willingness to go above and beyond
  3. Adaptability — the willingness to learn new skills
  4. Helping behaviors — teamwork and pitching in when other are overloaded
  5. Customer orientation
  6. Knowledge sharing

Cornellgevity_study_2According to the study, companies and firms receive these outcomes from focusing on three key areas:

  1. Employee selection
  2. Retention and job satisfaction
  3. Managing performance

All three are customized based on the firms’ management philosophy and business strategy. In other words, they are aligned with the firm’s vision, mission and values.

By the way, the top ways to attract and retain top talent, according to the recent PCPS Top Talent Survey, is to have a compelling vision and mission. (For more on that, see my prior blog post here.) It really is a matter of priority and focus. The successful businesses and firms build these three processes into their organizational DNA. Considering the benefits (outcomes) that are possible, I can see why. Stay tuned for more updates on how to get ahead of this staffing crisis.

What do you think? Is this study on point?

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