Who teaches CPAs to be CPAs? As it turns out, CPAs like Dr. Barbara Stewart do.

“As an educator, my most enjoyable experience is to have my students become CPAs. That’s a great experience,” said  Stewart, an MACPA member and a professor at Towson University. “Education is not an easy business. There are lots of disappointments along the line. A lot of students have disappointments. But when you see the successes, that’s what really gives you a good feeling. You see those success and say, ‘I can do this for another year.’”

Not only is Stewart an educator; she also helps regulate the profession in Maryland as a member of the State Board of Public Accountancy. In a recent interview with the MACPA and the AICPA, she answered questions about her job, her profession, and her inspirations and aspirations. The following is a transcription of that conversation. Read her story here.

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