Association Why should you belong to your professional association? Why get involved?

The answer boils down to one word: People. 

Look, I'm biased. I work for the Maryland Association of CPAs, and I think we're the most kick-ass, awesome professional association around. Naturally, you can't take my word for it.

What about our members, though? Their opinions count, right?

  • “There's something to be said about being together. Numbers mean things. A group of people together can do a whole lot more than one person individually.” — James Carroll, CPA
  • “(The MACPA is) driving what the future of the profession is going to be, as opposed to waiting and being reactive.” — Amy Weinreich, director of finance and administration, Publishers Circulation Fulfillment
  • “I have not come across a group of folks who are more passionate about what they're doing. The impact they've made on the profession has been remarkable. I tell people, 'Don't think about getting involved. Just do it.'” — Anoop Mehta, CPA

And that's just the start. Watch more here:

Tooting our own horn? Maybe. But I really believe in the power of associations. What James Carroll said is true: “We” are smarter than “me.” The crowd can accomplish more than the individual.

That's what an association does. It harnesses the power of the crowd to accomplish great things — things none of us could accomplish on our own.

Want to make a difference? Join your professional association. Together, we'll move mountains.

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