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Steps For Non-AICPA Firms To Enroll In The MACPA’s Peer Review Program

  1. To begin the process, a firm must complete the Maryland Peer Review Program Enrollment form and email ( or fax (443-632-2376) to MACPA
  2. MACPA will process this information and enroll the firm into MACPA’s peer review program.
  3. MACPA will request an invoice for the “Scheduling fee” which will be emailed to the firm.
  4. When payment of the Scheduling Fee is received, the firm will then receive the initial information request which will include a link to the Information Required for Scheduling Reviews form.
  5. The firm must select a qualified peer reviewer and schedule a date for the review to be performed. Once this is done, the firm will submit the completed Information Required for Scheduling Reviews form.
  6. MACPA will process this information and email confirmation letters to both the firm and the selected reviewer.
  7. The firm will work with the peer reviewer to complete the peer review process.
  8. The reviewer will submit the final peer review report and checklists to MACPA’s Peer Review Committee for review.
  9. MACPA will invoice the firm for the Evaluation Fee.
  10. The Committee will determine if the report is acceptable.
  11. If so, the firm will receive the final acceptance letter.
  12. If not, the committee will advise the firm of any additional corrective actions required. The report is accepted as long as the firm agrees to complete any corrective actions.
  13. Once the corrective actions are completed and approved by the committee, the final acceptance letter is issued.
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