Yes, I think so?

If there is one thing that is sticking out in this specials session is that the loudest voices are getting heard. Consider this – we heard from several delegates on the House Ways & Means Committee that they were voting against the Professional services bill we mobilized against (HB 11). We also heard that Professional services (consulting & tax) escaped the “short list” going to the Governor from the Senate Budget & Tax Committee. At this point, computer services (which never came up before nor were in any pre-session lists are now on the table to raise $250 million).

A Baltimore County democratic Senator (Brochin) is breaking ranks to oppose tax increases because of major constituent letters. There are more examples…

The point is that we, as CPAs, need to make sure our voices are heard and you should encourage your clients to do the same – let your own representatives hear your thoughts on all of the propsoals.

Here is a good recap of proposed changes to the Governor’s package from Andy Green at the Sun on their blog covering the general assembly.

Our friends at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce have done a great job advocating for business and monitoring all of the activities in Annapolis. It is a major challenge keeping ion track of all the moving parts – there are over 70 pieces of legislation to monitor in a very compressed and afst-moving environment. See the Maryland Chamber Blog for impacts of other bills on business. Here is a round-up of articles they are tagging here

Another good source is the Washington Post’s coverage for yesterday here – Special Session Round-up for Tuesday

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