Why CPAs?

Public accountancy is a profession and not just a “job” because at the core of our work is a commitment to the public good.

Yes, CPAs are trusted advisors to their clients and organizations. Yes, CPAs make critical and strategic decisions in every sector (law, finance, healthcare, education, business, non-profit, technology, and more). And yes, CPAs have graduated with advanced degrees and passed rigorous examinations.

But it’s our professional ethics, code of conduct, self-discipline, and integrity that sets CPAs apart as a pillar of our society.

As our society and economies get more complex, more tech-driven, and more globalized, the role, expertise, and character of CPAs becomes more invaluable to us all.

MACPA represents and serves CPAs because we believe that CPAs protect and advance the public good.

Questions about the difference CPAs make? Contact:

Rebekah Brown
Manager, Membership Development & Engagement

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