We can help you find a place to put your volunteer spirit to work! Volunteering is valuable and rewarding and by giving your time and energy you will make a tremendous impact in the community.


Community-Based Opportunities

Joy of Living Center Seeks Financial Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer or someone that will only charge $100 a month to provide The Joy of Living with:

  1. Optimization of the current financial infrastructure.
  2. Ongoing transaction processing and financial reporting.
  3. Accurate record keeping of all grant funds.
  4. Compliance services.

How the volunteer or CPA can Address the Joy of Living’s Needs

  1. Optimize QuickBooks/Aplos Online accounting platform. We currently have Aplos.
  2. Assess the current financial infrastructure components and make additional recommendations for a cloud-based ecosystem, as applicable.
  3. Maintain ongoing workflow throughout our transition phase.

Please see our website and like us on Facebook if you can. We are small non-profit supporting women and children in the community. You can reach us by email or by phone at kimjoyofliving02@gmail.com or 410-922-4135. Our website is The Joy of Living Center | Improving the lives of Women & Children|Baltimore, MD.


Catonsville Service Group Seeks Treasurer

Catonsville Service Group Seeks Treasurer
The Rotary Club of Catonsville is seeking a treasurer for our upcoming fiscal year. Our current treasurer will be a continuing club member and available to train and support an incoming treasurer.
General responsibilities include:
● Managing club, project, and Rotary grant funds
● Collecting and paying dues and fees
● Reporting on your club’s finances
● Overseeing charitable contributions to other organizations
● Developing and monitoring the club’s budget
● Writing an annual report
● Filing IRS tax return
● Preparing the incoming treasurer
Why join Rotary? We are a local group whose primary mission is serving our community, along with aiding other groups through personal service or financial support. We are part of Rotary International, with regional, national, and international outreach and available assistance. Rotary is also a way to network locally and beyond. Our executive board members meet twice monthly on Tuesday evenings, once for an hour (virtual Program Meeting with all members starting at 6:30 p.m.) and once for two hours (Executive Board meeting starting at 5:30 p.m., followed by all member business meeting at 6:30 p.m., held at a local restaurant). All community service projects are voluntary, and usually occur on weekend days or occasional weeknight evenings. For more information please contact Dan Gaskell by text or phone at 804-904-7755, or by email at danielgaskell@yahoo.com.

Also visit our website (https://www.catonsvillerotary.org/) or Facebook page

Board Member for Bach in Baltimore

Founded in 1988, Bach in Baltimore has an extensive program of concerts, pro-bono educational outreach programs and community service events each season. The choir of 50 performs (mostly) Baroque music with a full orchestra and soloists. The educational programs involve hundreds of area high school students each year. Community service events include 6 -12 free concerts given in area retirement communities.

Bach in Baltimore seeks a CPA to join its board. Bach in Baltimore has a dedicated, capable, volunteer accounts manager who keeps all fiscal records, pays bills and deposits receipts. The CPA would become the treasurer of the board, giving advice and steering fiscal policies. The board meets four or five times a year.

More information is available at bachinbaltimore.org. Please contact T. Herbert Dimmock, music director thdimmock@gmail.com or Rebecca Fanning, Executive Director, rebecca@bachinbaltimore.org.


CPA Mentors

Volunteer Today

Innovation Works (IW) is a young, growing Baltimore nonprofit supporting sustainable neighborhood economies in the city by creatively and collaboratively connecting neighborhoods, entrepreneurs, social innovation assets, and investors. In collaboration with the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Santa Clara, CA, the goal is to reduce the city’s neighborhood and wealth divide by launching 250 enterprises and employing 5000 people by 2029.

CPAs could support a core component of this work through mentoring a single entrepreneur, or being available for volunteer consultation on specific challenges. IW encourages both entrepreneurs and mentors to respectfully share strengths, impart lessons and build relationships for a better community. To learn more, visit https://www.iwbmore.org/who-we-engage/mentors/ or contact John Springer, Manager Mentor Network, at john@iwbmore.org or 443.895.0166.

Volunteer CPA, Community Media Start-Up

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South Baltimore United, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit launched in 2021 to foster community building among the neighborhoods of the South Baltimore peninsula through communications and public events. Our primary project is a free community newspaper, the South Baltimore Peninsula Post, distributed six times a year. We are a small, all-volunteer organization with an operating budget of under $40k.

We are seeking a volunteer CPA for one month (March 2022) to advise us on our first-year tax filing. Our revenue sources to date include donations and paid local advertising in the community newspaper.

If you are interested, please contact Steve Cole, SBU President, at editor@sobopost.org.


Board Treasurer, Audubon Society of Central Maryland Needed

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An all-volunteer chapter of the National Audubon Society, Audubon Society of Central Maryland protects and restores birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through stewardship, education, and advocacy, for the benefit of all people and the earth. We are seeking a treasurer for our board of directors. As the chair of the board’s finance committee, the treasurer prepares quarterly financial statements for the board, advises the board on fiscal matters, and prepares tax paperwork. Come help us make a home for birds! For more information, email Morgan Lakey at malcolmsdadmorgan@gmail.com.

Volunteer CPA, Stocks in the Future

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Stocks in the Future (SIF) is a small, Baltimore-based nonprofit that teaches financial literacy skills to middle school students. SIF is in need of a volunteer CPA for a one-time project in January/February. We are looking for an individual who can provide an external review of finances from the last fiscal year. This documentation is needed so that SIF can apply for grant funding in early 2022. We are a small organization with an operating budget of $200k.

If you are interested, please reach out to Rebecca at rebecca.thernes@sifinvest.org.


CPA for Board or Board Finance Committee, Anne Arundel County Food Bank

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The Anne Arundel County Food Bank, Inc. (AACFB), is looking for a CPA to sit on their Board or Board Finance Committee. This local food bank is committed to ensuring that all Anne Arundel County residents in need have access to food and basic necessities. They distribute over 5.8 million pounds of food and other resources to over 90 community providers and feed more than 62,500 county residents. If interested, please reach out to Leah Paley (CEO) at leah@aafoodbank.org.


Superhero Support of Central Maryland, Board Member

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Are you inspired by superheroes and seek to empower those in need?

Superhero Support Inc. is an established volunteer organization that is accepting applications for Board Members to develop and grow our start-up 501c3!

As a Board Member, you will help empower others to be heroes in their own lives by helping community service organizations raise awareness, spirits, and funds through interactive storytelling and engaging activities at hospitals; schools; and in support of community service events… wherever called.

You can find more information about us from our website and Facebook page, Superhero Support of Central Maryland. Contact us at causeplayers@superherosupport.org or 443-995-9493.

Families of Smithville Road, Inc.

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CPA Volunteer Needed

Families of Smithville Road, Inc., a new and small family nonprofit devoted to preserving the history and legacy of an African American community located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Dorchester County, is seeking a dedicated CPA to establish and provide guidance for a nonprofit accounting system, financial statement reviews, and federal tax filing.

Smithville Road is an historic road where Harriett Tubman’s father was born and some of its back woods was a part of the underground railroad.

Our Family Pledge and Mission Statements: Our ancestors constituted and shaped our core values and family community on these guiding principles:

  • In all things put the LORD first
  • To be authentic in our love for one another
  • To not hurt each other with our words or acts
  • To be aware of greed, it comes in all forms
  • To have a servant’s heart
  • To commit to each other and work together as a team
  • To be slow to take or give offense
  • To value truth and do what’s right in the sight of God
  • To forgive and grow in faith
  • To enjoy each other and the blessings of life
  • To be caring, supportive, helpful, encouraging, loving and loyal
  • To NEVER give up

Our mission is to address, educate, coordinate, promote and foster efforts to strengthen the history and legacy Smithville Road and surrounding communities in the Taylors Island and Cambridge Maryland area. To maintain the unique and special relationship between the Families of Smithville Road and the community church.

Please contact: Deborah B. Pugh – 610-550-9296 (cell) – dbp054@gmail.com

Date posted: 4/12/2021

Board Treasurer Wanted

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Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAMD) mission is to bring health, hope, and healing to thousands of Marylanders living with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them.  BIAMD’s Board of Directors is looking for a retired CPA to serve as Treasurer on the Board beginning June 2021.

Contact Chris Schaffer (schaffer@biamd.org) to apply

Board Treasurer Wanted – HelpAge USA

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HelpAge USA advances the well-being and inclusion of older people around the world through research, advocacy, and programs. We work in the U.S. and with our global network partners in 85 countries to improve lives in the world’s poorest communities. Our goal is to ensure that the contributions of all older people are recognized, and they have a right to a healthy, safe, and secure life.

Description of Board Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Monitors financial activities of the organization
  • Reviews reports to ensure timely and adequate management of financial resources and reports to the Board
  • Advises the Board of any significant financial matters that require Board action
  • Ensures the Board engages a qualified auditor for periodic financial examinations
  • Reports on all monies and other valuable properties of the organization
  • Ensures that a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements is kept
  • Provides written detailed accounts of financial transactions regularly or upon request
  • Such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or bylaws

How to Apply
To apply, please submit your CV and a thoughtful cover letter to our Communications and Administrative Manager, Paige Duskie, at pduskie@helpageusa.org. Your CV should include 2 references.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – Financial and Internal Control Review Opportunity

Volunteer Today

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is in need of a recent college graduate or CPA candidate to conduct a financial and internal control review in accordance with The Episcopal Church procedures. This is a great opportunity to build your resume. We are a small church located in Glenwood, Maryland and have operated within The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland since 1976.

The anticipated work load is expected to be less than one week. The volunteer would work under the supervision of a CPA that performed and conducted the work last.

The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is to carry forward God’s reconciling work through Jesus Christ in building up our Community of Love by strengthening one another through word and sacrament for Christ’s mission of striving for justice and peace within the Church in Maryland, our country, and our world.

Please help us optimize our limited resources towards our mission and ministry by volunteering your time. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Please contact Ms. Nancy Smith neksmith.standrews@gmail.com.

Unified Efforts Treasurer Opportunity

Volunteer Today

A brief description of the organization’s mission:
Unified Efforts is a non-profit founded in 2014 by Executive Director Debbie Ramsey to reduce out-of-school learning loss and provide academic enrichment, leadership development, and college/career readiness in the Penn North neighborhood of West Baltimore. To date, we have served over 120 school age students. Even as the coronavirus pandemic rages through our communities, learning loss remains a critical issue in our neighborhood and we are hopeful that at some point soon we can safely resume our face-to-face (or mask-to-mask!) activities.

Our mission is simple: reduce summer learning loss. Provide specialty, multipurpose and academic programs for students year round to minimize academic loss when school aged children are out of school for extended times. Our programs and activities include financial literacy, free dental screenings, aviation-aerospace, cooking with whole foods, athletic activities, the arts, writing, swim lessons, by certified swimming instructors, and bullying prevention activities. We are now embarking on an exciting new phase: building and construction! Our architect is finalizing design and detailed plans needed for capital funding requests and construction bids. We anticipate being in position to begin construction early next year. More at unifiedefforts.org.

What this volunteer role entails:
The treasurer is one of four officers of the board of directors, along with President, VP, and Secretary. They must be a person of great trust and integrity. Many of our donors and grant-makers scrutinize carefully our budget and financial reports before giving. The treasurer must always be thinking about how our finances connect with our overall mission.

  • Oversee UE’s financial management and cash flow
  • Work closely with the Executive Director, Board President, and supervise our paid accountant.
  • Take the lead in forming policies around who can access funds, sign checks, and reimburse expenses.
  • Work with legal counsel to ensure we are following all federal, state and local laws in this regard.
  • Manage and ensure the integrity of scheduled audits.
  • Manage our budget and provide full information for board review and approval.
  • Ensure we have robust internal controls and financial management policies.
  • Help the board establish metrics for financial performance.

Email unifiedefforts@comcast.net if interested.

Building STEPS Tutoring Opportunity

Volunteer Today

Building STEPS (Science Technology And Education Partnerships Inc.) mission is to equip our city’s brightest students with the tools to propel them to college and career success. As a small organization that makes a profound difference in the lives of a Baltimore City youth, Building STEPS highly successful model relies on strong partnerships and expert volunteers. This crucial collaboration and commitment enables hundreds of students each year to benefit from programming and ultimately achieve college and career success.

Tutoring has been an integral part of our programming over the years. With students engaged in full-time remote learning, we anticipate a greater need for academic tutoring support. Time commitment will vary but will remain flexible and convenient for all involved.

Our students take a variety of classes- Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and some pre-Calculus. But what we have found recently that many students are not solid on basic math concepts, despite the level of math they are taking in school. So tutoring is two-fold, supporting them in their current subject class, but also reinforcing basic math skills so they are more confident moving into SATs (if they even happen this year) and into college level math. All tutoring is available virtually.

For more information on Building STEPS: www.buildingsteps.org.

If you are interested in math based tutoring and homework support, please contact Jennifer Descoteau at jdescoteau@buildingsteps.org.

FOCUS Services, Inc.

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We are FOCUS Services, Inc. We are located in PG County, Maryland and our mission is to offer resourced opportunities and safer spaces to LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness through housing, educational, and employment-readiness programs. We are seeking a CPA to provide our board with guidance on filing taxes, remaining in compliance with IRS tax-exempt purposes, financial advice, etc. We are currently a small board with limited experience starting and maintaining a nonprofit organization. Our primary focus will be housing, so it will be essential that we locate resources that will maximize our dollar so that we can provide the best services to our youth. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Founder Shaqueal Stevens, shaqueal.stevens@focusyouth.org

Posted: 04/17/2020


Questions about the difference CPAs make? Contact:

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Manager, Membership Development & Engagement
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