PowerPoint & Excel Data Visualization Create Dynamic Financial Presentations, Charts, Graphs and Diagrams


Most professionals are called upon to present information not only verbally but also with visual aids, handouts, and presentation software. Applying graphics to represent or enhance data can help you make a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you want to “wow” your audience and/or convey a serious message, this course will give you many examples of how to enhance your presentations in PowerPoint and Excel. You can choose from the right pre-designed graphic, diagram, or template or build your own. The content of this presentation applies to PowerPoint and Excel 2016, 2013, or 2010. Participants will learn many timesaving tips and receive take-aways for after class use. Course format choices are: instructor-led hands-on group training; or lecture/demonstration with live demo.

Please note this course will be hands-on. We recommend bringing your own laptop to this program with excel and
powerpoint loaded. You can attend without one but you would not be able to participate during the hands on exercises.

Learning Objectives
  1. * Choose the best graphics for your topic and your audience * Place and modify text, diagrams, and graphics in your presentation slides * Add transition and animation when needed to control your presentation * Incorporate presenter tips during a presentation and use presenter view * Use the diagram features included in PowerPoint to show workflow, overlapping functions and staff organization * Copy and link Excel and Word content between programs * Create a presentation handout and video file * Create varieties of bar charts, pie charts, trendlines, combination graphs, and dual axis using new styles and graphics * Use a variety of accessible formatting features to emphasize and customize parts of the data visualization * Add multiple axes to present comparisons of disparate data in the same chart * Compare pie charts to sideways bar charts to emphasize ranking * Add your customized charts to the chart templates as a user-defined entry for quick application to future charts * Explore the chart variations of Sparklines, waterfall, tree, and bullet * Take away many templates and references for after class use
Major Topics
  1. * Learn to focus the message of your presentation * Determine which graphics work best with your information * Understand the impact of a variety of graphic symbols and colors * Understand PowerPoint slide layouts, SmartArt graphics, templates, Slide Master controls, and slide background controls * Compare uses of chart types * Apply Excel’s new color scales and icon sets to visually spot trends in data * Add a secondary axis to present a breakout of multiple sets of data * Use flowchart symbols and connectors to create workflow diagrams * Add data tables to charts to quickly present the numeric values * Incorporate photos, ClipArt, logos, video, sound, and animation * Use shapes and templates for workflow and organization charts * Use freely distributed pre-designed SmartArt templates * Use appropriate animation to enhance and control visual display * Package multimedia files with your presentation * Learn how to link data ranges or charts between Excel and Word and PowerPoint * Learn how to create effective handouts * Learn important presenter tips for controlling the visual information during the presentation and delivering the presentation effectively * Learn how to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video file * Learn when to use the multiple axis feature for presenting various types of data * Learn when to use a pie or bar chart to emphasize ranking * Learn data selection techniques to populate the graphic elements * Learn how to present PivotTable results in graphic form with Pivot Charts
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
Business & Industry
CPE Field of Study
Computer Software & Applications
Who Should Attend
Business Leaders, Corporate Finance Teams, CPA Practitioner, CPAs, Financial Professionals
Judith Borsher
Basic knowledge of MS Office Application Software and familiarity with PowerPoint and Excel

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center Columbia Campus, 8890 McGaw Rd Columbia, MD 21045-4743

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Jun 19, 2018
8:00 am - 3:30 pm EDT
Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center Columbia Campus, 8890 McGaw Rd Columbia, MD 21045-4743
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Judith Borsher


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PowerPoint & Excel Data Visualization Create Dynamic Financial Presentations, Charts, Graphs and Diagrams

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