PFP Boot Camp: Risk Mgmt. and EE/Business-Owner Planning


This webcast addresses risk management. Various insurance products will be reviewed, including life, disability and medical insurance, as well as the types of contracts available; and how insurance is used in financial planning to manage risk. Participants will also learn about the many types of property and casualty insurance, including homeowners, liability and auto insurance.

The employee and business-owner section covers benefits such as Social Security programs, civil service group life, disability, dental and health insurance. The compensation section covers executive compensation and equity and deferred compensation arrangements. Business owner issues relating to entity selection, liability and transitioning to a retirement income producing asset are covered as well.

Learning Objectives
  1. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  2. Identify, assess and evaluate loss exposures
  3. Select and propose risk management technique(s)
  4. Articulate the legal elements and characteristics of insurance contracts
  5. Compare and contrast types of life insurance
  6. Recognize the various types and uses of annuities
  7. Evaluate annuity distribution option based on clients goals
  8. Differentiate and compare the various types of disability insurance
  9. Select disability benefits and riders based on client need
  10. Select appropriate policy form for insured property based on covered perils
  11. Choose liability limits based on client's financial statements
  12. Distinguish differences between types of individual and group medical expense plans
  13. Analyze need for LTC insurance
  14. Describe the current trends and issues relating to employee benefits
  15. Compare and contrast qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  16. Understand the issues relating to diversification and planning relating to equity plans
  17. Recognize liability exposure of business owners depending on business type
  18. Understand the tax treatment of partnerships from the perspective of the owner
Course Level
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Business & Industry
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Thomas Tillery
Basic knowledge of the areas of personal financial planning (PFP).
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Nov 13, 2017
9:00 am - 1:00 am
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Thomas Tillery


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PFP Boot Camp: Risk Mgmt. and EE/Business-Owner Planning

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