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MACPA #FutureReady Learning Labs (Pt. I)


Post-pandemic success depends on what you do right now. This event will give you the information and context you need to adapt.

Please join us for the 2020 edition of MACPA’s Learning Labs, a complimentary series of TED-talk style presentations led by those at the cutting edge of the exponential trends shifts happening across the accounting profession.

The current economic situation is forcing unprecedented change on the business world, with major implications on everything from strategic planning to day-to-day workflow and logistics. MACPA’s Learning Labs bring you insider knowledge to help you get ahead of the game. Our Preferred Providers will present their expert insight with MACPA members’ needs in mind, lending perspective that gives you practical, meaningful takeaways to help you improve your business and your practice right now.

Part two of the MACPA Future Ready Learning Labs begins immediately following this program, starting at 3:00 pm.

Learning Labs Happy Hour and Trivia

Complimentary Networking Event! Please join us for MACPA’s #FutureReady Learning Labs Trivia and Happy Hour at 5 p.m., immediately after Learning Labs.

Major Topics

Cloud Accounting
Audit Automation
Workflow and Productivity
Blockchain and AI
Risk Management
Robotic Process Automation
Human Resources
And more!

Maryland Association of CPAs
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Future Ready
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Information Technology
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Jun 24, 2020
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT
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Day 1

12:30 pm
DATA AND TECHNOLOGY READINESS: Overview of Workflow Technologies

During this time of unprecedented change, many business are looking for strategies to maintain high productivity levels and address new business challenges as they continue to adapt to a remote reality. Listen to an overview of how workflow technologies can help you overcome these disruptive challenges, and increase productivity.

Speaker: Mark McAndrew, Vice President of Consulting Services at XCM

12:45 pm
Automation – The Potential Benefits to the Accountant

In this learning lab, we will explore automation and its effects on the accountant. Join us to explore the benefits of leveraging automation to minimize inefficient manual tasks. What is AI? Benefits of AI in the Accounting sector? How does AI affect the work of an Accountant? Risks of not automating?

Speaker: Orlando Hammonds of Sage

1:00 pm
5 Insights into Business Recovery and Reformation

The way organizations work has changed. While some trends were emerging, like remote work and digital transformation of HR technology, the pandemic has accelerated the need of businesses to adapt and reform to keep pace with their competitors, consumers and the market. Join Laura Jansen, ADP Sales Executive for the Maryland Midmarket, as she discusses five critical insights, leveraging unique research and data, on hard-hitting topics across business continuity, digital migration, navigating compliance and activating a workforce in flux.

Speaker: Laura Jansen, Sales Executive at ADP

1:15 pm
The Era of Intelligent Accounting

The Era of Intelligent of Accounting represents the next big shift in accounting and auditing by leveraging AI and automation. As digital transformation becomes a greater priority due to remote work, how can AI and machine learning help firms make their workflows and staff more efficient and deliver higher-value services to clients? Learn how your firm can embrace this new era head-on.

Speaker: Todd Robinson, Head of Strategic Accounts at

1:30 pm
Tap Into Innovation – Your Firm’s Longevity Secret

We know the hard trends, they are coming, the only way to be confident with your anticipatory steps is to have a stake in innovation. Whether it is innovating in technology or services or process, your firm needs to establish your approach to innovation. During this time Will Hill from Thomson Reuters will share concepts for approaching innovation so you are in a state of preparedness through whatever change comes your way – and as importantly, comes the way of your clients.

Speaker: Will Hill of Thomson Reuters

1:45 pm
AccountantsWorld Learning Lab

Emerge from the Covid-19 crisis stronger than ever.
Now that we are past the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, it’s time to look ahead. You can emerge stronger than ever – if you take it as a wake-up call to reinvent your practice.
After seeing how you have helped them, your clients have a deeper appreciation for your importance to their businesses. That opens the door to showing them how much more they can benefit by permanently working more closely with you.
In this presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Educate your clients on the new reality. Clients don’t know what they need. Identify what services clients can benefit from that they are currently not receiving, and then explain to them why those services are essential for putting their businesses on solid footing for survival and future growth.
  • Expand your vision and scope of services. We’ll show you how you can offer profitable services that most accountants ignore – services that save clients time and money so they can focus on their businesses.
  • Use the right tools and processes to provide those services effectively and efficiently.
  • Energize your staff.

It’s all about making your firm more relevant. If you have the drive to do better, then you can easily grow your profits by 20% or more while you help your clients’ businesses survive and thrive.

Speaker: Dr. Chandra Bhansali of AccountantsWorld

2:00 pm
Technology Needs an Accountant’s Heart

AI is at the heart of tomorrow’s accounting workflows. And yet, AI itself lacks the very heart that is needed to harness its power. That is because accountants can proactively manage AI capabilities and best allocate the findings, trends, and opportunities to create value for their clients. Learn how tech-forward firms adapt to and thrive on the ever-changing technology curve.

Speakers: Tate Henshaw, National Xero Ambassador, Project Manager at Polay Clark & Co and Michael Soby, Account Manager, Mid-Atlantic at Xero

2:15 pm
A Distributed, More Virtual CPA Firm and A&A Practice: Transform Your PCR Practice in 30 Days

Are accuracy, speed, and efficiency competing priorities at your firm? When it comes to preparation, compilations, and reviews, more often accuracy trumps speed and efficiency. Does this sound familiar? Speed and efficiency don’t have to suffer – OnPoint PCR can help.

OnPoint PCR combines the strength of AICPA guided methodology with the power of CaseWare Cloud to deliver a solution that modernizes your workflow with a comprehensive trial balance and automated report and letter drafting. During the webinar, we will provide new resources on becoming A Distributed, More Virtual CPA Firm and A&A Practice, for example: A&A Business Continuity in 2020, Client Interaction, Staff and Team Engagement, Tech Resources and offers, Transitioning to a Distributed CPA Firm: Educational Videos

Speaker: Brian Siet, CPA, Associate Director at


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MACPA #FutureReady Learning Labs (Pt. I)

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