Introduction to Blockchain


This webcast focuses on demystifying the blockchain technology by helping you understand the foundational constructs, benefits and opportunities of blockchain technology. You will be prepared to weigh the risks and challenges as you consider implementing this technology within your organization or your clients’ organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the fundamentals of money/currency and its evolution from pre-crypto currency to digital/crypto assets
  • Recall the attributes of functions of money
  • Distinguish between cryptocurrency and crypto assets
  • Recall the nature of ownership
  • Identify the predecessor to blockchain
  • Recall the description of blockchain and how it works
  • Distinguish between blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Recall the origin and development of Bitcoin
  • Identify examples of business needs solved by blockchain
  • Recall the core components of blockchain technology, including peer-to peer systems, API, cryptography and keys and distributed datasets
  • Recognize organizational risk and legal implications
  • Identify the concept of blockchain security
  • Recall proof of work, proof of stake and mining
  • Recall appropriate questions and conversations for business stakeholders related to blockchain concepts such as hashing, legal implications, transactions and blocks, shared data and the business logic of distributed ledgers
  • Recall benefits, values and opportunities of blockchain
  • Identify examples of business use cases
  • Recognize examples of how adopting blockchain affects value dynamics in a transaction, including “push” and “pull” of value and the spectrum of control
  • Give examples of how blockchain eliminates the need for third parties from a transaction, such as brokers, censors or dedicated auditors
  • Distinguish between risks associated with human factors, such as key loss, cognitive and adoption risks and technology risks
  • Identify legality and regulatory risks associated with blockchain adoption
  • Recognize differences between different blockchain platforms and potential risks presented by interoperability challenges
  • Recall the most significant risks associated with complete loss of currency and assets
  • Recognize risks presented by forks and splits in blockchain platforms.
Major Topics
  • Technology concepts behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Benefits, values and opportunities of blockchain
  • Blockchain risks and challenges
  • Regulatory concerns and governance
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
Who Should Attend
Non-IT finance professionals, CFOs, controllers, management accountants, public accountants, partners, staff, managers and internal auditors
Amy Vetter


Online Webcast
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Oct 8, 2018
11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT
Online Webcast
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Amy Vetter


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Introduction to Blockchain

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