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Respect, Safety and Ethics – Addressing Sexual Harassment


There are moments in American History where we have examined our attitudes towards fundamental things – civil rights, sexuality, equal pay: now we are facing the crucible of sexual harassment.  You may think we are going through a “perfect storm” of harassment in the workplace, but it is bigger than that. It appears to be fundamental climate change in how we handle power and ethics.  We are in a time of accusations and resignations and this disruption will affect all organizations. Sexual harassment is a topic that needs to be addressed directly and openly to avoid damaging your organization’s reputation and the high performing cultures we have worked hard to build.

Two of BLI’s Thought Leaders – Jennifer Elder and Karl Ahlrichs –  have created a series of programs to help you address this issue in your workplace.

Sexual Harassment – The Current Landscape and the Way Forward  is a moderated panel discussion that addresses the subject of the harassment from three different perspectives – an attorney, human resources professional, and a business owner. Listen in to a lively discussion about how we got here, what we should do, and what challenges are on the horizon once we work through these issues. We will discuss the past, confront the present and anticipate the future.

Respect, Safety and Ethics – The Next Step in Harassment Avoidance – Employee Training focuses on the importance of ethics, hidden biases and power. Accusations and resignations seem to be running rampant. This program will cover past warning signs that were ignored, identify modern “trigger points” that started the avalanche, help you recognize what is, and what isn’t harassment, and identify steps to transition your training model to get traction with modern audiences.

Rather than a compliance lecture based on fear, Respect, Safety and Ethics – The Next Step in Harassment Avoidance – Executive Briefing  is designed to help supervisors and employees gain a better understanding of ethical behaviors, and what harassment is (and isn’t) so that individual behaviors align with organizational values and provide a safe and respectful environment.  This presentation drives positive behavioral change and emphasizes active learning.


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Respect, Safety and Ethics: The Next Step in Harassment Avoidance – Employee Training

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Respect, Safety and Ethics - Addressing Sexual Harassment

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