Excel Boot Camp Refresher

Date: February 8, 2018 Time: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm EST Location: Columbia, MD CPE: 8 Format: In-Person

CPAs who work with Excel every day will benefit from these topics and tips which include: decision-making IF and VLOOKUP functions, Pivot Table reporting, controlling calculation inputs, formula auditing, external formula linking, business graphics, many multiple worksheet and consolidation tips, time-saving tips. Even if you thought you knew it all in Excel, this course will advance your knowledge. Participants will receive take-aways for after class use. Topics covered apply to Excel 2016, 2013, and 2010. (Format: “hands-on, instructor-led group training”)

Please note this course will be hands-on. We recommend bringing your own laptop to this program with excel loaded. You can attend without one but you would not be able to participate during the hands on exercises.

Experience hands-on learning and gain a thorough understanding of important Excel productivity features.
Troubleshoot for worksheet calculation errors
Apply a wide variety of data analysis tools and features significant to CPAs
Compare and contrast which data analysis tool applies best to a particular set of data
Incorporate techniques to consolidate and link worksheets
Effectively use business graphics to present data
Use a wide variety of Excel functions for financial and other calculations, test data for accuracy, use IF and VLOOKUP variations
Learn proven multiple worksheet budget design techniques Create a variety of formulas and functions and use new structured referencing and formula autocomplete Use the time-saving ribbon tools Add tools not on the Ribbon and customize the quick access toolbar Use time-saving keyboard shortcuts Change the appearance of worksheet data by using business formatting techniques Save repetitive steps with the Format Painter and also the repeat key Learn to quickly select and copy only visible cells Use border line combinations and features for separating lines for financial reports Create new tools and macros for format combinations Group worksheets to take action on more than one worksheet at the same time such as restructuring worksheets or adding page setup dialog box settings Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of paste, paste as picture, embedded objects and paste link Excel data to Word or PowerPoint Link a range from Excel to Word that expands/contracts as rows and columns are added/removed from the source Excel range Learn when embedded Excel objects could cause a data breach if emailing a Pivot Table Learn how to break links Use the Excel camera tool to create interactive updating linked pictures within Excel Understand list design rules to take advantage of the many time-saving data analysis features Use the new Table features for manipulating lists and running automatic subtotals Compare and contrast the use of the Table range vs. a cell range when building a Pivot Table Incorporate worksheet data into bar, pie and SparkLine charts using new features Incorporate quality graphics following new business graphic guidelines Save a graph as a reusable template for future graphs Learn when to add a secondary axis for presenting dissimilar types of data such as revenue and profit % in the same graph Explore the chart variations of Sparklines, waterfall, panel, heat, and bullet Use the shortcut tips to duplicate and connect shapes for flowcharts Create a digital dashboard with conditional formatting graphics and clickable objects Use many important advanced functions for IF testing, nested functions, decision making functions and VLOOKUP Use Conditional Formatting to identify data patterns in color Sort or filter by background color of cells based on conditional formatting Quickly find duplicates in data Test data for accuracy and cleanup data using the many functions in the categories of: Information, Date and Text Use Text to Columns to import text or .csv files Learn tips to compare two Excel files for changes/differences
Business & Industry Technology
Computer Software & Applications (8 Credits)
Judith Borsher
Fundamental knowledge of Excel
Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center Columbia Campus 8890 McGaw Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, USA


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