Ethics: Why We Stray: A Different Look at Ethical Decision-Making (Virginia)


What was he thinking? Have you ever wondered that in the wake of an ethical breech by a previously respected person often, the unethical action is hard to believe much less explain because the conditions that contribute to unethical behavior are far from clear. These subtle factors are the “danger zones” that ethical practitioners – and especially leaders – need to recognize in themselves, their firms and their clients.

This course explores the tangled paths to ethical problems. It is designed to sensitize you to the subtle traps and to suggest strategies to avoid or extricate yourself from them – whether they are internal, cultural, organizational or societal. The course is taught by, a BLI Senior Fellow, marketing consultant, and a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Learning Objectives
  • Define ethics
  • Recognize the factors that are the catalyst for unethical behavior and identify strategies to avoid them
  • Recognize the power of purpose in ethical decision-making
Major Topics
  • The Amygdala Made Me Do It” – Adventures Along the Brain’s Low Road
  • “That’s Not the Way We Do It Here” – Classic Cultural Pitfalls
  • “How Do You Know That” – The Assumption Trap
  • Fear, Confusion, Hesitation and Surprise: The Four Poisons of the Mind
  • Step by Step into the Big Muddy – The Vietnam Syndrome
  • Paving the Path to Hell: Unintended Consequences
  • This Phone Call Never Happened” – Confidentiality and Secrecy
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
CPE Field of Study
Behavioral Ethics
Who Should Attend
  • Anyone who might wrestle with ethical issues, especially anyone in a leadership role.
Greg Conderacci
  • None
Advanced Preparation
Event Information
Available 24/7
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Ethics: Why We Stray: A Different Look at Ethical Decision-Making (Virginia)

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