Employee Motivation and Engagement: Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy (17W0030-14)


If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I better motivate, inspire, and engage
my staff to consistently get the job done?” then this webcast is a MUST
for your professional development. This “I can use that immediately”
webcast – will help you learn how to better: • Build accountable teams
that deliver stronger results. • Handle even the most challenging
personalities. • Give feedback that increases performance and
accountability. • Motivate and engage top performers to continue
performing. …and that’s just for starters.

Learning Objectives
  1. Provide managers of all levels within an organization (President, Partner, CFO, Vice-President, Director, Manager, Supervisors, etc
  2. ) with specific strategies to motivate and engage direct reports in such a way as to generate more performance, morale, and retention – and in doing so, learn how to minimize the stress, frustration and the time investment associated with managing other people
Major Topics
  1. Create a realistic road map for successfully implementing the strategies you found interesting during the course
  2. Turn around the underperformance of direct reports once and for all
  3. Keep performing employees engaged and motivated
  4. Instill professionalism, responsibility and initiative in your employees
  5. Build greater trust, loyalty and commitment with your staff
  6. Motivate direct reports to engage in strategic thinking, be creative, and think outside of the box
  7. Create a consistent culture of accountability
  8. Deal with employee accountability excuses and pushback with confidence and ease
  9. Motivate staff to be solution focused instead of problem focused
  10. Hold underperforming employees accountable in a way that prevents underperformance from happening in the future
Course Level
Supervisory/management experience or aspiring supervisors/managers.
Online Course
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Sep 18, 2014
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Employee Motivation and Engagement: Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy (17W0030-14)