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CFO Series: Big Picture Mega-Trends and Risks (in collaboration with FICPA)


This four-topic event focuses on skills that will help you and your organization become more effective dealing with several major trends impacting our business environment, new currencies, risk, office politics and the value of ethics. Prepare for the coming changes that will affect every organization.

Presenter:  Anita Layton, MBA, CPA, CMA, is a financial executive based in Charlotte, NC.  Her expertise is in leading process improvement initiatives, implementing financial systems, and managing corporate finance.  She gained her experience working with an international construction management and development company.  Anita received her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  She is an adjunct professor for UNC Charlotte.

Big Picture Mega-Trends, Big Data, and World We Now Face
It is easy for us to get caught up in our work, but it is better to examine the ‘big picture’ by studying the outside factors that impact our business beyond our internal processes and day to day responsibilities. We are sometimes so busy with our tasks that we miss new developments until the developments have a profound impact on us and the organization. This session is designed to review many of these current trends, while thinking and discussing how these trends can impact our organizations and us. This is a fun and lively session that is intended to be interactive with participants either live, virtual or both. Our ever-changing world is evolving more than many realize.

Cryptocurrencies for the CFO: Explaining Blockchain
What exactly is cryptocurrency and its cousin named blockchain? Are they here to stay? This session will provide a big picture examination of the technologies and currencies by explaining how we got here. We discuss the systems and technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. What is the broad view of the technologies that currently do, and will continue to, impact our workplace and lives?

Deceit and the Whys Behind the Lies: Understanding Ethics
Our guidance on ethics comes from the AICPA and other groups, but it does not fully address the “why” behind ethics. This session will examine and define what ethics is and what it means to varying people in the workplace. Understanding what motivates people and understanding those people are key to both solving ethical dilemmas and workplace issues that can lead to greater job satisfaction and efficiency. To correct an issue, you need to delve into the root cause – the why?

Office Politics: Navigating the Minefield
Office politics can derail careers and destroy organizations. It exists, and we will provide solutions towards improving the workplace dynamic. Using office politics for good can be constructive. This session will cover the core elements of office politics and ways in which they may be solved, so the organization can thrive. If you have seen first-hand the destructive power of negative office politics, this seminar will be enlightening.


This course will be hosted in partnership with the Florida Institute of CPAs

Learning Objectives

Recognizing the impact of external factors and trends that have a direct impact on our organizations and assisting our key role in applying reasoning, improvement, and methodologies to our day-to-day duties. Exploring and explaining cryptocurrencies and blockchain. How these new technologies have, and will continue to, impact industry.  Gaining a broader understanding of human behavior and ethics beyond the regulations. If we can better understand why unethical actions occur, we can develop a greater practice of our own ethical leadership and assist in growing one’s ‘ethical intelligence.’  Determine multiple approaches to minimize negative office politics to enhance performance of the people and entire organization.

Major Topics

Big Picture Mega-Trends, Big Data, and World We Now Face

  • On-going world economic trends
  • Demographic changes and their impact on the economy
  • Global technology influences
  • Post Covid workplace
  • Big data understanding and where is it going
  • Learn to adapt to changing situations

Cryptocurrencies for the CFO: Explaining Blockchain

  • What is money?
  • What are digital assets?
  • Understanding the what, why, and how of cryptocurrencies
  • Understanding the what, why, and how of blockchain
  • NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), their role and impact
  • Explaining the crypto language

Deceit and the Whys Behind the Lies: Understanding Ethics

  • Understanding yourself and others in the workplace
  • How emotion plays a vital role in ethical dilemmas and in solutions
  • What are some of the various outlooks on ethics?
  • Recognizing lies
  • Managing ethics towards solutions

Office Politics: Navigating the Minefield

  • Understanding perceptions and reality
  • The varying personalities in the workplace
  • Workplace motivators
  • Managing problem personalities
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Assessing the role we play in workplace politics
Maryland Association of CPAs
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
CPE Field of Study
Business Management & Organization

None, preferably least six (6) months of professional financial statement analysis experience, or at least six (6) credit hours of corporate finance classwork at an accredited university.

Advanced Preparation


Live Online – via FICPA On24 Link
Event Information
Mar 15, 2023
8:30 am - 4:00 pm EDT
Live Online – via FICPA On24 Link
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CFO Series: Big Picture Mega-Trends and Risks (in collaboration with FICPA)

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