Blockchain for Global Supply Chain


Why is blockchain use in the supply chain important? Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows multiple parties around the globe to quickly access and verify immutable copies of transactions, effectively minimizing risk throughout the supply chain. Blockchain and other emerging technologies, such as machine learning, are transforming supply chains by creating a transparent movement of products from producer to consumer. During this webcast we will enhance your competitive edge — this exciting emerging technology will help put your customers first; explore global supply chain interactions and understand how blockchain is used to reduce errors and increase transparency and auditability; emerging technology and ethical sourcing are ever evolving and important for compliance and staying competitive. Gain practical knowledge through detailed use cases. The use cases include physical goods from producer to retailer, ethical sourcing, digital products, vendor relationships for royalty payments, and real estate. Through these use cases, you will learn about the value blockchain provides to the supply chain, technology considerations, and factors in success and failure.

Learning Objectives

*Develop a business case for using blockchain technology to track the movement of goods through a supply chain. *Determine the use of blockchain technology to create and track digital products based on business strategy. *Analyze use cases involving blockchain technology to determine its impact on the accounting manager.

Major Topics

• Blockchain overview • Ethical sourcing • The relationship between public and private blockchain networks and physical supply chain automation, digital goods, and vendor management • The role of smart contracts in supply chain blockchain networks • Determining appropriateness of blockchain as a solution • Regulatory issues, such as HIPAA and GDPR, that affect blockchain implementations

Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
CPE Field of Study
Information Technology
Who Should Attend

Business professionals looking to understand more about how blockchain technology can be implemented in various supply chains, accounting and finance professionals seeking more information on blockchain, business decision makers looking to run blockchain projects



Advanced Preparation


Event Information
Sep 14, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT
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Blockchain for Global Supply Chain

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