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Auditing Digital Assets


Auditing entities that hold or transact digital assets (bold)

Would you like to better understand the environment of digital asset transactions? Have you ever wondered if you should accept or continue a client engagement?

This webcast will help you identify challenges, risks and factors to consider when deciding to accept or continue with a client who holds or transacts with digital assets.

During the webcast and discussion, you will learn:

– The Digital Assets Working Group’s mission and the process through which nonauthoritative guidance is developed

– What private keys are and ways to safeguard them and the digital assets to which they enable access

– About the rapidly evolving nature of the digital asset ecosystem that may lead to challenges when performing required procedures surrounding laws and regulations

You will gain:

– Insight into the unique aspects of the risk assessment process when involved in the digital assets space

– Awareness of the pseudo-anonymous nature of digital asset transactions that may lead to challenges in performing required procedures surrounding related-party relationships and transactions with related parties

You will also gain access to valuable resources:
– Accounting for and Auditing of Digital Assets Practice Aid
– Blockchain Universal Glossary
– Webcast: Accounting for Digital Assets under U.S. GAAP
– Digital Asset Resources

Learning Objectives

*Recognize the terminology associated with auditing entities within the digital asset ecosystem *Identify applicable auditing standards and unique audit challenges related to: client acceptance and continuance; risk assessment and processes and controls and laws, regulations and related parties *Identify potential factors to consider and procedures to perform in response to the challenges identified

Major Topics

•Client acceptance and continuance •Risk assessment and processes and controls •Laws and regulations and related parties

Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
Accounting and Auditing
Accounting & Auditing
CPE Field of Study
Who Should Attend

*Accounting and finance professionals *CPAs *Auditors

Yoland Sinclair


Advanced Preparation


Online – AICPA Platform
Event Information
Feb 28, 2023
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT
Online – AICPA Platform
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Auditing Digital Assets

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