Anticipate Inclusion: Building a Sustainable Culture of Diversity (#FutureReady) (M)


There’s a perfect storm going on. We’ve got the new economy, a new generation coming online, and we have LinkedIn pulling people away from us and bringing them to us. Also, there’s ethical issues. All of these issues surround and apply to the issue of diversity.

Simply put, diversity is the mix of people you have in an organization, Inclusion is how you integrate and manage them. In the “New Normal” world of the modern economy, having a culture that encourages the full participation of all people on the team is a real competitive advantage.

This one hour fast-paced course updates one’s strategic view of the world of Diversity and Inclusion, and applies it to the specialized world we work in.

Learning Objectives
  1. Define a modern implementation of Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Recognize the impact of generational issues on Diversity
  3. Define organization culture
  4. Identify the performance benefits of managing a competitive advantage
  5. Recognize the ethical underpinnings of Diversity and Inclusion
Major Topics
  1. Modern definitions of diversity and inclusion
  2. Diverse work environment
  3. Types of diversity
  4. The importance of people as a competitive advantage
  5. Characteristics of high performers
  6. Generation Millennials and WIFI
  7. Recruiting on Linkedin
  8. Ethical ties to diversity and inclusion
  9. The art of Culture
  10. Managing diverse workforces
  11. Bias pitfalls
  12. Diversity taskforce
  13. Metrics to use in the measurement of the effectiveness of a Diversity and Inclusion program
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
BLI Leadership
Business & Industry
CPE Field of Study
Personnel/Human Resources
Who Should Attend

All professionals, especially management and those working in the area of Human Resources

Karl Ahlrichs
Work experience in the area of Human Resources or managerial experience.
Advanced Preparation
Event Information
Available 24/7
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Anticipate Inclusion: Building a Sustainable Culture of Diversity (#FutureReady) (M)

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