Anticipate Engagement: Motivating the Next Workforce (#FutureReady)


Productivity. Low turnover. High performance culture. None of these buzzwords work if the organization’s engagement process is broken and people are underperforming. It’s time to look beyond the “buzzwords” and truly rethink motivation and performance management instead of tweaking “business as usual”.

Good performers can become bad performers, and bad performers get comfortable and stay. This presentation is a fast-paced look at some clever and aggressive new engagement and retention processes that are both effective and legally compliant, mixing fresh case studies with psychological theory. Unfortunately, engagement is far from an exact science. There’s no secret formula, no easy calculation, no work sheet to fill out.

This one hour course will review how to hire well and techniques to keep your best performers engaged and wanting to stay with your organization.

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify how to motivate high performers
  2. Identify techniques to better engage the new workforce
  3. Recall components of the New Model of Leadership
  4. Recognize how to motivate all generations using three valid motivational theories
Major Topics
  1. Understanding motivational theories for the modern employee
  2. Hiring well
  3. Engagement tools
  4. Using active listening skills
  5. New leadership model
  6. High performers and low performers
  7. Generations
  8. Millennials
  9. The motivational chain
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
BLI Leadership
Business & Industry
CPE Field of Study
Personnel/Human Resources
Who Should Attend
Professionals in a leadership, supervisory or managerial position.
Karl Ahlrichs
At least one year managerial experience
Advanced Preparation
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Anticipate Engagement: Motivating the Next Workforce (#FutureReady)
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Karl Ahlrichs


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Anticipate Engagement: Motivating the Next Workforce (#FutureReady)

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