We’re taking a closer look at augmented reality (AR), or mixed reality, on this week’s show. AR combines our real world with virtual information, images, sounds, or other media that augments our experiences in the real world. There are some really interesting case studies of how AR is being used in innovative and productive ways.

Here to help us understand AR better are Dina Broydo and Rachelle Hernandez. Dina is a manager in BDO’s Forensic Investigations and Litigation Services Practice, and Rachelle is an experienced senior associate with BDO’s Digital Analytics and Automation Practice. They share how BDO is using this technology, how it’s worked for them, what they’re hearing from team members and clients, and even the role that the pandemic has played in how BDO is rolling out the technology.

As the use of this technology becomes more widespread, it undoubtedly will have implications for other areas of the profession moving forward.

Listen to this week’s podcast here.


To learn more and for the complete show notes, visit macpa.org/blog.


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