“The economy and finance are dimensions of human activity and can be occasions of encounter, of dialogue, of cooperation.” – Pope Francis

One of our members, Pat Overly, forwarded the WSJ article (source of the photo found here) to me about the Pope’s address at the World Congress of Accountants in Rome. I found it fitting that this meeting was very close to the birthplace of modern accounting. Newly nominated MACPA Secretary / Treasurer Ken Kelly was in attendance and recently spoke with Bill Sheridan about his experience. We’ll publish that conversation soon, but first a message from Pope Francis to us accountants:

“I encourage you to act always responsibly, fostering relations of loyalty, justice and, if possible, of brotherhood, addressing with courage especially the problems of the weakest and the poorest. It is not enough to give concrete answers to economic and material questions. It is necessary to arouse and cultivate an ethic of economy, of finance and of work. It is necessary to keep alive the value of solidarity as a moral attitude, expression of care for the other in every legitimate need of his. If we want to give future generations an improved environmental, economic, cultural and social patrimony than we inherited, we are called to assume the responsibility to work for a globalization of solidarity. Solidarity is a requirement that flows from the network itself of the interconnections that are developing with globalization.”

The Pope gets it – people first, connections, interconnectedness, and solidarity and money is a result, not the purpose of our work.

One more passage caught my attention and reminded me of our “why” as the CPA profession and our video (below) that concluded the recent Swearing-in Ceremony for our New Licensed CPAs:

“It is an important moment to address the problems affecting your profession today, to renew the understanding of the fact that it is also a service to the community.”

We should never forget this.


The oath that our new CPAs took and our middle name – Certified “Public” Accountants – speak directly to the Pope’s advice, to place man and the public good at the center of all activity.

Thank you, your Holiness, for that inspiration!

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