At the Maryland Association of CPAs, we pride ourselves on providing our members with the tools they need to succeed.

So why the hell didn’t we think of this?

The folks at Intuit have partnered with Revival Brewing Company in Rhode Island to brew a special accountants-only beer called CPA IPA (that’s India Pale Ale).

It’s all a tax-season promotion for QuickBooks Online Accountant, but who cares? Certainly not Rhode Island’s overworked CPAs, who turned out for happy hours throughout the state recently to knock back a few cold ones. Intuit’s tagline says it all: “Pens down. Bottoms up.”

To Intuit and Rhode Island’s CPAs, I say, “Cheers!”

And to the MACPA’s members, I say, “We owe you one.”

To add salt to the wound, here’s the CPA IPA ad:

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