Stahlin Attention, AICPA members: Meet your new volunteer leader.

His name is Paul Stahlin, and he was elected chair of the Institute's Executive Board during the AICPA governing Council's annual fall meeting in New Orleans.

Stahlin, of course, comes on board at a time of massive change in the profession. The best way to address that change, he said, is to fall back on our core values.

“Our core purpose and values will not change,” he said. “Integrity, objectivity, independence and the ability to make sense of a complex and changing world should guide us as we work to seize the future.”

Cliche? Maybe. It's also 100 percent true. This is what CPAs do … and this is their time.

Those of you who attended the MACPA's Maryland CPA Summit in June had an early opportunity to meet Stahlin in person. So did I. We talked briefly about the impact that change and turbulence have had on the profession … and what CPAs can do about it. Listen to what Stahlin had to say in this MACPA video:

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