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Maryland CPAs have yet another weapon in their client-service arsenal.

The Maryland Comptroller's Revenue Administration Division has launched pServices, a website that will let tax preparers “complete certain tasks on behalf of their clients.”

The site is being rolled out in phases. Phase 1 will let preparers view their clients' Form 1099-G information online. Future phases will give preparers the ability to:

  • view a taxpayer’s estimated payment history;
  • bulk file a taxpayer’s extension returns;
  • view a taxpayer's tax liability information; and
  • view copies of a taxpayer's tax returns.

Using the site requires a two-step registration process.

  1. Preparers must register with a valid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and their Federal Adjusted Gross Income from the prior year’s Maryland tax return. “The site is not currently available to out-of-state preparers,” the Comptroller's Office reports, “but (it) will be in the future.”
  2. Clients also must register and authorize their preparers to view their information. To do so, taxpayers should visit Maryland's iFile system and select “1099-G Previous Year Refund Inquiry.”

Want more information? Check out Page 2 of the Summer 2012 issue of the Comptroller's “ReveNews” newsletter. You'll also find details by contacting (410) 260-7424 or taxprohelp@comp.state.md.us.

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