Sight lines - I2A How do you stay on top of the rapidly changing CPA profession?

Collaboration and conversation. The wisdom of the crowd. MACPA town halls / professional issues updates. 

And did I say they are free? Four hours of free CPE to keep our members current and help them during these difficult times.

Sept. 12 marked the beginning of the MACPA's “town hall season,” when we engage almost 2,000 of our members in a town hall-style meeting set around a professional issues update (see our slide deck below). We use several engagement tools, including in-line polling (using, a survey instrument, and plain old Q&A, to get the pulse of Maryland CPAs.

This forms the basis of what we focus on as priorities and how we respond to our member needs. It also mobilizes our grassroots to help us advocate on their behalf in Washington D.C., Annapolis, and at the State Board of Accountancy.

On Sept. 12 in Rockville, with more than 150 CPAs in attendance, here are some of the highlights:

On the economy:

  • In midst of strong recovery                            0%
  • Recovery is fragile – cautiously optimistic     22%
  • Recovery is very fragile                               46%
  • Businesses are still struggling                      32%

The No. 1 Maryland legislative concern? Sales taxes on tax, accounting and consulting.

Overall insights from the session:

“Loved the discussion about the future trends and economic update. Legislative and regulatory discussion always great. Wish we had more time to talk about the leadership issues. MACPA's agenda is spot on — keep up the great work.”

Below are the resources we promised to the group:

Presentation loaded on and downloadable. (Click the view on SlideShare button and select “download.”)

MACPA Townhall / PIU Fall 2011

View more presentations from Tom Hood
Here are the videos we could not run due to slow wireless (sorry):
Social Media Revolution 3.0 — my favorite on the latest trends about social media
Social Media and Learning — my interview with Journal of Accountancy
How is leadership changing? — my interview with author/speaker Emmanuel Gobillot, author of Leadershift: Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Mass Collaboration (a great book about how leadership is changing and why)
What is a future forum all about? — video of future forum process for CPA Horizons 2025 Project. (Click on the link for tremendous resources from the AICPA on future trend research they commissioned.)
Top 20 trends about the future from Intuit's 2020 Project — MACPA editor-in-chief Bill Sheridan interviews Steve King from Emergent Research.
Why CPAs belong to MACPA — the CPA Summit video
Here are the two events every CPA in Maryland should attend:
CPA Day in Annapolis — Jan. 18, 2012 at the Governor Calvert House Hotel (click on link for registration and more free CPE)
MACPA's CPA Summit and Swearing-in Ceremony for new CPAs — June 11-12 at the BWI Hilton Hotel
Here is the rest of MACPA's fall town hall schedule.

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