Dsc07535_2 Two steps left to “mobility” in Maryland – Favorable vote out of the Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee and a vote on the Senate floor. Yesterday we testified to the Committee. Three MACPA members took the time out of the craziest time of year and helped us testify on our mobility bill, HB 1296 CPAS – Practice Privileges – Out-of-State CPAs. Our panel was called up with our sponsor, Delegate Brian Feldman and everyone did a great job.

Pictured at left outside the Committee room are: Tom Hood (that is me), Les Mostow of Reznick Group, Harry Ballman – sole practitioner, Allen DeLeon of DeLeon & Stang. Also with us was MACPAer Mary Beth Halpern, Manager of Technical Services & Governmental Affairs.

The opposition presented “written only” testimony and we saw letters from both the DLLR and the Maryland Society of Accountants (MSA). This continues to amaze me – first, why do unlicensed accountants care about CPA licensing issues? They continue to falsely claim that they represent all small CPA firms. So I asked MSA staffer, Sandy Steinwedel, of the MSA if MSA’s CPA members did out-of-state tax returns (because that is one of the most important reasons for this bill)? and she replied, “NO, they don’t do any out-of-state returns.”  say What?

We also testified on the Tax Preparer Bill – SB 817 which had amendments proposed by H&R Block. Obviously we are watching this closely to make sure the amendments we advocated, stay in.

What do you think? What is the MSA’s reason for preventing CPAs from getting these ‘practice privileges” to do temporary practice (like filing returns) in other states and not having to file for reciprocal licenses in every jurisdiction? I have some thoeries tat I have posted before but want to hear what you think?

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