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Date Title CPE Format City/Area
04/27/18 Controller’s Update: Today’s Latest Trends 4 Webcast Online
04/27/18 Ethics: 50 Shades of Gray 4 In-Person Columbia
04/30/18 Accounting Standards Review for Controllers and Finance Professionals 8 In-Person Columbia
05/01/18 Effective Business Communication 4.0 Webcast Online
05/01/18 Forensic Accounting: Uncovering Schemes and Scams 4.0 Webcast Online
05/01/18 CFO/Controller Series: Federal, State and Local Deficits 1.0 Webcast Online
05/02/18 Construction Contractors: Accounting, Auditing, and Tax 8.0 Webcast Online
05/07/18 Using Microsoft OneNote as a MAP Handbook Tool 2.0 Webcast Online
05/07/18 Controller Series: Effective Communication and Negotiations 1.0 Webcast Online
05/08/18 Financial Forecasting: Planning for Success 4 Webcast Online

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