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Remember when people actually looked you in the eye?

Me either.

Happy birthday, iPhone.

Born 15 years ago this week, you’ve transformed not only how we communicate but the ways in which we live our lives. Show of hands: How many of you still carry paper airline tickets? Or can actually find your destination without GPS? How many of you still subscribe to printed newspapers? Or write out your grocery lists by hand? Or are capable of going a full 30 minutes without checking Facebook or Instagram? How many of you do work at the gym? Or document every memorable (or forgettable) moment of your lives with videos and selfies? Thanks to smart watches and speakers — the iPhone’s offspring — how many of you even carry your phones anymore?

Our smart devices are making us healthier, more productive, and smarter. They might also be making us sicker, less productive, and dumber … although in my view, their existence is justified merely by the creation of podcasts.

In everything we do, during nearly every moment of our day, our smart devices are there with us while we eat, sleep, work, exercise, read, talk … and consume, consume, consume. That’s transformation.

All of that happened in just 15 years. What will 2037 look like?

We’re more connected — and further apart — than ever, thanks to you, dear iPhone.

So happy birthday … and thanks!

I think.

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