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The digital-first learning program to advance your skills, capabilities, and value to your organization.


The Finance Leadership Program (FLP) has long been essential for the CGMA certification, providing advanced proficiency in operations, strategy, and management. What was once an all-in-one program, has been opened up and divided into bundles of specific courses, allowing professionals to gain knowledge about management accounting in a more distinguishable way.



Experience the Finance Leadership Program in a whole new way with the 10 product bundles below.

Develop Effective Performance Measurement Bundle

Learn how to effectively measure performance in your organization.

In this bundle, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to evaluate business performance, plus understand which factors are important for success.

Includes 3 products:

  • Performance Measurement Strategies
  • Performance Measurement Techniques
  • Rewards Inside and Out


$199 $143.65 – $169.15


Impacts of Ecosystems Bundle

Understand how ecosystems impact your organization. 

Designed for the busy finance leader, this bundle provides you with guidance on the strategic, competitive and business ecosystems and how they impact your organization.

Includes 3 products:

  • Evolving the Business Ecosystem
  • The Competitive Ecosystem
  • The Strategic Ecosystem


$207 $150.45 – $175.95


Strategies to Deliver Growth Bundle

Develop strategies to move your organization forward.

In an ever-changing business environment, it’s vital you take steps to ensure that your business is prepared for the future. With this bundle, you will learn how to formulate successful strategies, expand into new markets and deliver growth to stay ahead of the competition.

Includes 3 products:

  • Growth Strategies
  • New Market Growth Strategies
  • Strategy Formulation


$207 $150.45 – $175.95


Effective Decision Making Bundle

Now, more than ever, effective decision making is vital in an organization.

With this bundle you’ll learn the techniques for short-term decision-making, costing methods and tools that help you make decisions in uncertain situations and understand more about the nature of uncertainty and apply probability techniques to improve information needed for decision-making.

Includes 3 products:

  • Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty
  • Decision Tree for Decision Making
  • Relevant Cost for Short-Term Decision Making


$199 $143.65 – $169.15


Cost Accounting Bundle

Demonstrate your proficiency in costing.

With this bundle you will be able to determine appropriate cost classifications for business situations and how they respond at different activity levels, learn costing methods that enable you to deliver information that supports planning, control, and decision making plus discover advanced methods on allocating overhead costs to products.

Includes 3 products:

  • Cost Accounting Applications
  • Costing Analysis
  • Introduction to Cost Accounting


$199 $143.65 – $169.15


Become a Digital Strategist Bundle

Get ready to develop digital strategy.

Designed for the busy finance leader, this bundle provides you with a baseline understanding of digital transformation and the technologies that are changing the finance function. Then, gives you with the tools to determine a vision and strategy for digital transformation and how to apply best practices to lead digital transformation initiatives.

Includes 2 products:

  • Digital Transformation and Underpinning Technologies
  • Strategic Importance of Digital Transformation and Underpinning Technologies


$164 $113.90 – $139.40


Budgeting Basics Bundle

Gain the tools you need for effective budgeting.

With this bundle you will learn how to prepare operational budgets that help manage performance, budgeting processes to exercise control over the operations of an organization and various approaches of budgeting to deliver the information needed for decision-making.

Includes 3 products:

  • Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting and Planning
  • Further Aspects of Budgeting and Planning
  • Introduction to Budgeting and Planning


$195 $140.25 – $165.75


Introduction to Debt and Equity Finance Bundle

Increase your knowledge of debt and equity financing as part of the complete financial picture you use to make decisions.

With this bundle you will be able analyze criteria for selecting a lease versus buy decision, using appropriate debt instruments, and evaluating a target debt profile. In addition, learn debt securities issuance essentials and how to calculate debt covenants. Once completed, you will be able to understand business valuation options, equity finance types and sources, and how to use rights issues to raise equity finance.
Includes 3 products:

  • Equity Financing Fundamentals
  • Managing the Debt Profile
  • Structuring Debt Instruments
$199 $143.65 – $169.15


Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions Bundle

Build your organization’s value by learning common approaches to business valuation and how valuations impact your M&A opportunities.

This bundle will teach you to identify factors that may influence an investor’s perception of “business value” and the cash-based valuation of businesses as well as the essentials in business valuation and acquisitions. You’ll gain what you need to know about the most complex investment a business can make – the acquisition of another business.

Includes 3 products:

  • Business Valuation and Acquisitions
  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
$203 $147.05 – $172.55


Investment Decisions and Capital Planning Bundle

Gain valuable tools to help drive business success and increase value through investments.

With this bundle you will learn how to stay on top of investment decisions while building your competencies in critical areas including quality, influencing, and customer service. In addition, you will be provided with best practices and application of capital planning to achieve long-term business success as well as key financial techniques the help your business grow and increase value.
Includes 3 products:

  • Capital Planning Applications
  • Investment Decisions Fundamentals
  • Investment Theory
$199 $143.65 – $169.15



If you’re interested in earning a formal designation or certificate related to these topics, explore the

CGMA® Finance Leadership Program.

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