BadEveryone knows how to do the boss’s job, right?

How else can you explain the scores of lists out there that tell our bosses how to do their jobs better — “Five Types of Difficult Bosses,” for example. Also, “15 Ways To Be a Better Boss” and “20 Bad Habits Leaders Should Stop Now.” And if I felt like doing a second Google search, I could probably find a bunch more.

Now, it’s time to let the bosses have their say.

Here are two lists that take aim at the workplace habits of employees — and their titles don’t mince words.

The titles are similar, but the lists vary greatly. Together, they create a master list of 20 employee habits that bosses absolutely hate.

On the other hand, there’s the “Top 7 Habits Your Boss is Sure to Love,” from TechRepublic. After all, not everything you do drives the boss crazy.

Now, bosses, tell us what you think: What’s the one employee habit that drives you bonkers? What’s the one thing you wish all of your employees would do?

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