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Don’t miss my LinkedIn Live interview with Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of, the digital arm of the AICPA. Erik will talk about the new .cpa initiative and why it is important.

The new top-level domain is now open for registration by CPA firms through Oct. 31.

As a state CPA society, the MACPA reserving our domains and have,, and This is a great opportunity to rise above the noise of the millions of .com domains, which are regularly used for spoofing and spamming.

The top three reasons we see for securing a .cpa domain are:

  1. enhanced security for your firm and your clients;
  2. enhanced and visible trust, as this domain is exclusively for licensed CPA firms; and
  3. differentiation from non-CPA firms.

Read the whitepaper on why you should consider adding this to your firm digital strategy.

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