BossWe’re continuing our examination of generational conflict in the workforce, and now that we know who the “matures” are, it’s time to put the spotlight on the baby boomers.

They’re defined as those born between 1946 and 1964, and generational expert Cam Marston calls them “the most influential generation in our society today.” They’re everywhere, 80 million strong, and they’re in charge.

“They are the leaders of most workplaces,” Marston says. “They are the partners, the managers, the bosses, the politicians elected to office. They’re running the show, and the prediction is that they will be running the show for the next 20 years.”

According to Marston, if you’re a boomer, chances are:

  • you define your worth by your work ethic;
  • you’re competitive yet optimistic;
  • your success is largely visible, in the form of tropies, plaques, diplomas on the wall, etc.;
  • you define yourself by your work;
  • you place great importance on personal development; and
  • you’re a consumer of the highest order.

For most boomers, “time is a currency they are willing to invest in the future,” says Marston. And time at work? It’s all about visibility. There’s a belief among many boomers that the more time you spend in the office, the more successful you will be … and as we’ll see in upcoming posts, that’s in direct conflict with the beliefs and attitudes of the younger generations.

There’s more to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime, boomers, take a look at the list of characteristics above and tell us: Does that describe you?

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