Here’s how we can pack the pipeline of young people entering the profession:

  • First, grab all of the high school students you can handle and force them to read this article from CNNMoney. It’s the latest in a line of articles that rave about the CPA profession. This latest article lists the best jobs in America for upwardly mobile professionals. “Public accountant” comes in at No. 4 with an estimated 10-year job growth of 22 percent. “Public accountants do everything from auditing financial statements to advising companies on tax strategies and other business costs,” the article states. “You need a CPA only to certify financial records, but it’s a credential a lot of employers like to see.”
  • Next, show the students this video on YouTube. (We’ve blogged about this video before, but it’s a great promotion for the profession. Plus, we’re pretty darned proud of it.)
  • Finally, show them this earlier blog post about public accounting’s status as an up-and-coming profession.

Once  you’ve done that, students undoubtedly will be flocking to accounting departments at universities across the nation in a rush to declare their intention of becoming CPAs. When they do, don’t forget to tell them to join Tomorrow’s CPA. It’s free, and they’ll get valuable inside information about the profession.

Really, with all of this supporting documentation, it’s a wonder that everyone isn’t studying accounting in college. 🙂

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