• Please select the Conference you will be a presenter for.
  • Credentials will be included in all of our marketing materials (printed and electronic), as well as your name tag at any in person event.
  • Please provide us with your cell phone number for emergency use only.
  • The following AV equipment will be provided for your use at the conference:

    * Lectern Microphone
    * Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
    * Wireless remote to advance the slide deck
    * Data Projector
    * Laptop (PC) (for PowerPoint Presentation)
    * Sound connection for laptop

  • In order to be best prepared for your session, please let us know if you will or will not have a PowerPoint presentation:
  • Please list any additional AV you may need for your session (flipchart(s), etc.)?
  • Please indicate below if there is anything else we should know: (i.e. dietary restrictions food allergies etc.)
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