Being a Champion allows you to:

  • Build leadership and business communication skills;
  • Be the first to know about association initiatives and events;
  • Serve as a sounding board on how to better the value proposition for you and your organization and furthering the vitality of the profession;
  • Gain recognition as a leader in your organization and your professional community; and
  • Expand your network and connect with industry leaders and peers.

Champions build awareness of MACPA and the profession, foster engagement, and cultivate a sense of community within their organizations.

The Champion program benefits organizations by promoting the organization’s investment in employees’ professional and personal development.

It also shows the organization’s involvement in advocacy efforts, sponsorship opportunities, and connections with future employees through student initiatives.

Strengthen the relationship between your organization and MACPA by participating in the Champion program!

In order to be an MACPA Champion, you must:

  • Be an MACPA member;
  • Have prior involvement in MACPA (e.g. event and/or continuing education attendance, committee service, advocacy efforts); and
  • Have 3 or more years’ worth of experience in the profession.


  • Initial two-year term with option for continued service upon completion;
  • Signed agreement outlining terms and conditions;
  • Kickoff event and training;
  • Monthly calls; and
  • Attend at least two events or meetings such as a town hall, student and young professional event, networking offering, and/or the MACPA Annual Meeting.

CJ Alfuente, CPA, MBA

Senior Manager, Tax – Cohen & Company

“Being able to connect with CPAs in a variety of focus areas exposes me to new and different perspectives. Working at a firm where I have serviced a very focused group of clients, the MACPA provides additional resources for networking, recruiting, continuing education, and more that help me and my organization provide more opportunities for professional and personal development.”

Addie Blickenstaff, CPA

Audit Supervisor – DeLeon & Stang, CPAs and Advisors

“I believe MACPA bridges the gap between having the CPA credential and “being” the CPA credential. As a CPA, I feel it is important to stay involved, educate ourselves, build relationships, and provide support to others within the profession. Membership within the MACPA offers all of the above, plus more.”

Dina Broydo, CPA, CFE

Manager – BDO USA, LLP

“The MACPA provides its members with countless opportunities to connect with CPAs across the state, stay up to date on new developments in the industry, and grow their knowledge through interactive learning. CPAs at every stage of their career can find something of interest to be involved in at the MACPA. There is no better way to stay connected.”

Sue Cahall, CPA

Senior Associate – BSC Group, LLC

“Being part of MACPA allows me to stay connected with the community, and to embrace more challenges and opportunities. It is very important to be aware of what is happening in the CPA world and MACPA will be the first one to give me that insight.”

Earlene Charles, CPA

Senior Accounting Manager

“Being a part of MACPA has given me the opportunity to connect with my peers from other industries and backgrounds who have a common goal of driving the profession forward.  It has also allowed me to stay updated on latest accounting news, technical insights, quality CPE, and volunteer opportunities.”

Kate Franey

Tax Manager – Tonneson + Co.

“MACPA involvement has made me feel not only more connected to the Accounting field but also to my community in Maryland. I have only been apart of the MACPA for a short while and every time that I go to an event or meeting I leave feeling excited, rejuvenated, and optimistic. You never know what connection you are going to make or amazing experience that may be in store for you!”

Mollie Frank, CPA

Tax Manager – RSM US LLP

“The MACPA is a tremendous advocate for the accounting profession and it has contributed greatly to improving and sustaining the profession for over 100 years. As a member of the MACPA, staying involved is a way of contributing to the future of our profession while supporting the organization that needs our help in doing so. The MACPA also has a lot of really great people that are fun to be around!”

Henry J. Kahwaty, CPA

Supervisor – Rosen, Sapperstein & Friedlander, LLC

“CPAs may never have been more essential than they are now. The MACPA offers a great platform for professionals in the industry to collaborate, share experiences, and stay informed as we all navigate these difficult times.”

Tricia Katebini CPA, MBA

Partner – GRF CPAs & Advisors

“With the changing landscape of the accounting profession and development of new technologies, it’s important to stay connected with fellow peers so that we can stay on top of these changes. MACPA allows that connectivity to happen in multiple avenues, and provides some of the best learning opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.”

Matthew Keadle, CPA, MSA

Supervisor – Withum

“I feel it is important to be a member of the MACPA so I can learn from our vibrant community about the latest technology, trends and issues facing CPAs around Maryland. In doing so we can better serve our clients, colleagues and community.”

Kristina Lebron-Vega, CPA

“I feel it is important to become a member of the MACPA in order to advocate for the accounting profession to other professionals outside of our field and to potential young candidates that might find an enriching career in the field of accounting. As the profession has evolved, speaking out about the importance of obtaining your CPA license has never been more crucial to the growth of firms around the world as it opens endless opportunities to explore the various fields existing within the accounting career path itself. Joining the MACPA is also a great opportunity to connect with other fellow CPA’s and our communities to discuss ways in which we can improve our profession in future years. I look forward to joining this elite group and represent both the CPA profession and promote the importance of women taking on more leadership roles.”

Denise Lumpkins, CPA

Lombardo Ayers & Company, LLC

“Being together as a team instead of competition allows us all to be involved in current issues, opportunities, and ensure the future of the profession continues.”

Remi Omisore, CPA, CISA, MBA

Principal – CLA

“The MACPA is an avenue that allow CPA’s and business professionals to connect and learn about issues impacting the business community. Being involved in the MACPA allows me to develop leadership and soft skills while serving and giving back to the profession.”

Luke Murray, CPA, CFP

Supervisor, Tax Services – RSM US LLP

“The MACPA is an excellent way to get involved in the accounting profession within Maryland. The community atmosphere that the MACPA provides, along with the tremendous learning opportunities, allow us to better serve our clients and grow as professionals.”

Cliff Petenbrink, CPA, PMP

Senior Manager, Myers and Stauffer LC

“I feel it is important to be a member of the MACPA because it provides a source of advocacy for our profession (and my career/wellbeing), an avenue for professional development, and gives me a chance to network with industry experts. I also feel like I get exposed to a broader view of the industry by being a part of the MACPA as opposed to associating strictly with my CPA firm.”

Renata Reis, CPA

Assurance Manager – SB & Company, LLC

“Being a member of MACPA allows me to develop connections with other CPAs, enhance my business profile, and show commitment to the profession. It also allows me to stay up to date with developments in the industry. I have been a member since I was a student and the opportunities I’ve had are countless.”

Ethan Schless, CPA

Audit Senior – CohnReznick LLP

“It is important to be a member of MACPA to stay informed about the accounting profession and develop professional relationships. Getting better connected with peers is one of the biggest boosts to an accountant in any stage of their career, and MACPA provides the forums to build and maintain those connections.”

Nicole Schuyler, CPA Candidate

Senior Staff Accountant – Gary R. Bozel & Associates, P.A.

“Support is important in every stage of life – from childhood to college, and even throughout your career. MACPA has provided an immeasurable amount of direction and guidance to me as I navigate my career path. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to both represent and extend that support system to others in our field!”

Leah Shiffman, CPA, MBA

Manager – Gardiner & Appel

“As a CPA, it is important to know what is happening in the industry, and the MACPA is the best source. There is endless continuing education, town hall meetings, mentors, and countless other resources to help you stay at the top of your organization.”

Patrick St. Clair, CPA

Supervisor – Ellin & Tucker

“The work that the MACPA does advocating for the CPA profession and guiding it into the future is crucial for the profession’s continued success. But this work can only be done with support and involvement from the Maryland CPA community.”

Jordan Stack, CPA

Principal – RCN & Associates

“As a former coach, being a part of a team and a broad community are an integral part of growth and success. The MACPA offers a tremendous platform to connect and expand our networks, advocate for the changes we want to see within our profession and provides endless resources to stay current and informed. It is up to us to keep the profession moving forward and to develop the next generation of CPAs.”

Che Veney, CPA

Senior Consultant – Aronson

“As a CPA it is my duty to help maintain integrity and expertise in the accounting profession. Being a member of the MACPA allows me to connect with accounting professionals across several industries and stay current on issues impacting Maryland CPAs and businesses. As a result, I am able to offer my clients the most accurate and appropriate information.”

Ryan Welling, CPA, MBA

Senior Accountant – Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra

“The MACPA provides its members with a platform to collaborate with other motivated leaders in the industry to identify, innovate and adapt to the rapid changes in our profession. The many resources and opportunities provided by the MACPA have allowed me to build relationships and stay connected with other business professionals as we share our insights and experiences in order to shape our vision for the future.

Josh Zimmerman, CPA

Audit Manager – HCFL

“The MACPA provides all Maryland accountants with a community in which we can share ideas, insights, and help shape the future of our profession.”

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