MACPA CEO Position Posting

The Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (the “MACPA”) is a 501c6 organization incorporated in 1901. Headquartered in Towson, MD, MACPA serves approximately 8,000 members (CPAs, future CPAs and other accounting and finance professionals) and operates with 15 FTE and a $3.85 million dollar budget. Last year, the staff team and volunteer leadership created this member promise, which summarizes and drives the Association’s passion and work:

The MACPA Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a 501c3 organization founded in 1992 with a recently expanded purpose to increase growth and engagement in the profession by: building a strong and diverse talent pipeline with resources for future CPAs and educators; supporting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives; providing training to upskill and reskill the profession; granting scholarships; and facilitating mentorship connections. The President/CEO of MACPA serves as a member of the Foundation Board.

A related organization, the Maryland CPA Committee on Political Action (the “CPA/CPA”), is “dedicated to the protection, preservation and furtherance of the public interest, to the strengthening of the American economic system and, in particular, to the protection and advancement of the Certified Public Accounting profession. The Committee is not affiliated with any political party.” MACPA’s Chair, Chair-elect and Past-Chair serve as Trustees of the Maryland CPA Committee on Political Action.  Trustees serve for a three year term and no more than two consecutive terms. 

MACPA President/CEO Position Description
By contract and in accordance with MACPA Bylaws, this position is to “manage, supervise, and direct the operations of the Company, the Company’s Political Action Committee, the Educational Foundation and any other related entities”. The specifics of how this gets done is through strategic direction from the Board, annual goals approved by the Executive Committee, and collaboration with staff leaders, setting 90-day goals and assuring execution with proven success using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), adapted to fit our needs and culture. This is the only position that reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Strategic Focus
MACPA’s success and reputation in serving and representing MACPA members is the responsibility of the President/CEO but is very much team-based. Volunteer leaders provide direction and paid staff execute, with processes that align all strategic initiatives to the 3.0 Vision and Member Promise, allocate the required resources, and create communities of interest, insight, and innovation, in order to assure a future-ready profession in Maryland.


  • Understanding of and passion for the profession
  • CPA preferred but not required
  • Strategic thinker and ideator
  • Collaborative, servant leader with growth mindset
  • Proficient in leading, facilitating and inspiring an experienced team
  • Strong relationship skills, effective in communicating and influencing
  • Familiarity with legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Ability to ask good questions and make informed, strategic decisions
  • Appreciates and cultivates the potential in others as part of a strengths based culture 
  • Comfortable working under pressure: anticipate needs, balance competing priorities, with a willingness to learn and adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment
  • Proficient in project management 
  • Ability to work within the Google Suite of tools, Slack, Asana and familiarity with association management systems
  • Must be a Maryland resident or able to relocate; flexible WFH opportunities
  • Overview of duties
    Reports to the MACPA Executive Committee, Board and members.
    Provides leadership for an experienced staff team and outsourced partners to serve all areas of the profession, developing resources and relationships that further the success of each member and their firms/organizations;
    Serves as a member of the MACPA and Foundation Boards and, with the leadership team, leads quarterly meetings and strategic planning sessions for both;
    Collaborates with and coaches the MACPA team to solve problems and create opportunities ensuring great experiences and results for all MACPA member communities and events.
    Operates the MACPA office, overseeing a current team of 17 to accomplish day-to-day responsibilities with monthly reporting to the Executive Committee
    Develops and maintains relations of trust with stakeholders key to MACPA’s success, including members, state societies, AICPA, legislative and regulatory representatives, sponsoring partners, other professional associations in Maryland,
    Drive the strategic initiatives and creation of resources for MACPA members to be at the forefront of the profession and #futureready, proactively building the CPA pipeline for the Association.
    Is the “keeper of the culture” that provides resources and inspiration to make this *2024 story a reality.

It’s 2024, and the MACPA, always evolving and adapting, has successfully implemented its vision set in 2021. 

2020 and 2021 brought unprecedented challenges to the world and our profession. In March of 2020, almost overnight, the MACPA had to pivot to provide virtual events, engaging and educating our members on fast changing regulations and resources. At the same time, facing the uncertainty and financial distress of the pandemic, MACPA made the very difficult decision to downsize it’s team, while continuing to keep up with members’ needs. In 2021, MACPA’s CEO Tom Hood accepted an opportunity to lead nationally at the AICPA. At the same time, AICPA presented a proposal to the MACPA Board to purchase the Business Learning Institute. MACPA’s strong and tenured leadership team pivoted to a leaner but more focused team, to reimagine MACPA 3.0 and deliver on MACPA’s promise to members. 

As part of the reimagined association, the MACPA has thrived in creating active, engaged, and inclusive communities of members. These communities are enabling members to connect in meaningful ways, collaborate for innovative solutions, and learn from one another in such a way that MACPA membership is a “no brainer” for all prospective members.

The MACPA and it’s Foundation Board have worked to promote and equip the profession to be a diverse and inclusive one, full of opportunity. Students from all backgrounds, including first generation and second career, can now see themselves as part of the profession. As a result, the pipeline of future CPAs is robust and diverse. 

The MACPA continues to Connect our members to each other and to the profession, Protect the profession’s interests in Annapolis and beyond, and empower our members to Achieve in their organizations and careers. Members are better equipped and more #FutureReady because of their engagement with us. Better equipped members translates into thriving businesses and communities in Maryland and beyond. 

Internally, the MACPA processes in place and the increased engagement of members has created a sustainable revenue stream where the MACPA has leveraged the Business Learning Institute for relevant, valuable learning where MACPA is able to deliver seamless and unforgettable online, in person, and hybrid experiences for our members. 

While some things have changed, the MACPA team culture continues, living out our core values and serving as an example for others. We have a bench of succession for the MACPA and a model for the profession, ready and able, where smooth processes scale and allow greater work/life integration for all.

Commensurate with experience.

Resumes and letters of interest, including salary requirements, should be sent by April 1, 2022, to . 

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