The AICPA has done some great work recently in producing videos that promote the profession. See “Defining America’s CPAs: Maryland” (a video produced in conjunction with the MACPA) as an example.

Now, one of its latest videos examines the influence African-Americans have had on the profession.

As great as that influence has been, “Pillars of Success: 4 Generations of African-American CPAs” makes the point that African-Americans make up less than 1 percent of the CPA profession. “Many believe,” the narrator says, “this can be attributed to a lack of awareness of the value of a career in accounting and being a CPA.” Through a series of insightful profiles (and references from Theresa Hammond’s book A White-Collar Profession: African-American Certified Public Accountants Since 1921), this video does its part to spread the word. Watch the video by clicking on the image below.

“The profession is wide open,” says one of the CPAs interviewed in the video. “It is an exciting time to be a CPA.” We couldn’t agree more. 

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