Juggle The folks at the AICPA have been busy beavers lately. Here's proof:

  • They've teamed up with the London-based Chartered Institute of Management Accountants to propose a global management accounting designation. “Those holding the new designation would commit to an ongoing, self-directed program of developing and maintaining competency in management accounting as well as leadership and strategy,” the Institute explains.
  • They've launched an IFRS certificate program that will “provide a measurable standard for evaluating competence in understanding and applying international accounting standards.” The program consists of 25 online, on-demand self-study training courses.
  • They've created the Workplace Leader in Financial Education Award, “the first national honor for employers who provide financial education programs that improve the personal well-being of their employees.” All employers — corporate, not-for-profit and government — with offices in the United States are eligible for the award. Those interested can apply through July 1 at www.wlife.org. Winners will be announced in October.

Sounds as though the AICPA — like the rest of us — is trying to surf those waves of change. Hang ten, everyone!

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