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On March 28, 2013 Tom Hood, CEO of Maryland Associations CPAs (MACPA) will share his stories of the accounting industry. This story captures the creativity and innovation of UofB’s Accounting program and the activities of the students with MACPA and the CPA Profession.

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Tom Hood – University of BaltimoreLessons From Legends in Accounting On March 28, 2013 Tom Hood, CEO of Maryland Associations CPAs (MACPA) will share his stories of the ac…
RT@UB_Business: Lessons from Legends in Accounting, March 28, U of Baltimore, featuring Tom Hood of @MACPA <a href="" class=""></a>Richard Wolf
See u there! @richardwolfcpa RT@tomhood Honored to speak @UB_Business "Lessons from Legends in Accounting" tonight @ <a href="" class=""></a>Jackie Brown
Lots of changes here @ub_business since I was here for Masters in Info Systems in 80’sTom Hood
@UB_Business is ready for @Tomhood <a href="" class=""></a> <a href="" class=""></a>Rebekah Brown, CPA
Some members here @UB_Business supporting @tomhood Lessons From Legends <a href="" class=""></a>Jackie Brown
haha- when you get to be as old as me, you get to be a legend 🙂 RT @bschroedercpa: @tomhood Who is the "legend"?? =)Tom Hood
Lessons from Legends about to start with @tomhood from @MACPA at @UB_Business. #gettingexcitedforCPAsRichard Wolf
Dean Darlene Smith Merrick School of Business @UB_Business opens #Lessons from Legends featuring our own @tomhood <a href="" class=""></a>Jackie Brown
@UB_Business legend @tomhood in action telling his story <a href="" class=""></a>Rebekah Brown, CPA
What are the biggest trends facing the CPA Profession? See the CPA Horizons 2025 Project

Top Trends to Watch 2012 – CPA Horizons 2025What CPAs have said about the future:1.  Changing demographics – Aging workforce, diversity, 4 generations in the workplace2.  Increased …
University of Baltimore Students participated in the first student-only future forum that helped to create these top trends and the Vision for the CPA Profession. Below are two clips from thet session in May, 2011. 
CPA Horizons 2025 – Maryland Association of CPAs – Future Forum – University of Baltimorethoodcpa
U of B Students and MACPA Future Forumsmacpapro
Great and insightful questions from @UB_Business students for "Legend" @tomhood <a href="" class=""></a>Jackie Brown
What does MACPA do? Connect – Protect – Achieve
Why MACPA?macpapro
Six U of B Accounting students participated with almost 200 CPAs in our annual CPA Day in Annapolis on January 16, 2013. They helped us advocate for the CPA Profession and visited with their senators and delegates.
The best lessons aren’t found in a bookUB students at CPA Day. From left: Front row — Elsie Davies, Stacey Morris and Danielle Sadowski. Back row — Ryan Dempsey, George Wisni…
And the questions begin with @richardwolfcpa moderating @tomhood @UB_Business #LessonsfromLegends <a href="" class=""></a>Jackie Brown
In June, 2013 several students attended our MACPA Innovation Summit and gave us some incredible insights. See our post, The best lessons aren’t found in a book. Once again the students were the teachers!
The best lessons aren’t found in a bookHey, accounting professors: Want to get your students really stoked about becoming CPAs? Kick ’em out of your classroom. Sure, there’s a …
@UB_Business Lessons From Legends "You need to add to your technical skills, communication and collaboration". @tomhoodRebekah Brown, CPA
@Ub_business Lessons from Legends @tomhood keep your Learning > ChangeRebekah Brown, CPA
"learning to maintain career momentum" the Bounce <a href="" class=""></a> @tomhood 5 Lessons in Learning & Leadership <a href="" class=""></a>Rebekah Brown, CPA
@Ub_business Lessons from Legends @tomhood advice for interviews: Get cool socksRebekah Brown, CPA
Thanks it was fun RT @rjbrowncpa: @MACPA @tomhood being honored by @UB_Business as an accounting legend <a href="" class=""></a>Tom Hood
From @MACPA CPASuccess My 3rd Blog Post: 3 Things I want Accounting Students to Know: #2 The #CPAExam <a href="" class=""></a>Rebekah Brown, CPA
RT @slimThugga_1017: Just left forum with legendary @tomhood I am so excited and motivated to graduate and begin my career in accounting!Tom Hood
What quote(s) do you live by?Last night I had the honor of being recognized by my alma mater and asked to share my "story" with students in the University of Baltimor…
Thanks again to my alma mater for having me join the “Lessons from Legends” speaker series. Most importantly, my thanks to Dean Smith, Dr. Tang and the Accounting faculty for your commitment to educating the future of our Profession. Your innovative programs exposing your students to the real world of accounting is making a noticeable impact.

To the students, I wish you all the best in your careers and hope to see you in our Association helping us Connect, Protect, and Achieve!
Thank you, 

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