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The Maryland Association of CPAs has proposed a series of changes to its bylaws, designed to increase the Association’s flexibility and adaptability in an increasingly changing and complex world.

The proposed changes would:


  • Modernize and simplify the MACPA charter and bylaws
  • Ensure majority CPA representation on the Board
  • Give the Board of Directors greater discretion to be responsive to changes in the profession
  • Update language to reflect changes in the Joint Ethics Enforcement Program
  • Add more use of electronic communication

Much has happened since the last time the MACPA updated its bylaws nearly 20 years ago, and recent trends like advancing technology, workforce shifts, changes in firm structure, attempts to modify CPA licensure, and their related impacts on organizations have reinforced among MACPA leadership the need to refresh the document.

“Things are changing fast, and we’re doing our best to stay on top of what’s happening in the profession,” said Ray Speciale, an associate professor at Mount St. Mary’s University and vice chair of the MACPA’s Board of Directors. “These governance changes will allow us to move with these types of trends more fluidly and effectively in the future.”

The proposed changes were exposed to thousands of MACPA members by the Association’s CEO, Tom Hood, during a lengthy series of recent “town hall”-style professional issues updates. According to Hood, 86.8 percent of the members in attendance expressed support for the changes.

“Our chief concerns are, how do we become very nimble and proactive and not be burdened with massive governance requirements in order to keep up with these fast-moving changes?” Hood said. “How do we make sure the profession is ready to deal with disruption, and how can we help our members become future-ready?”

The answers, MACPA leaders believe, lie in a series of clarifying but important bylaws changes.


MACPA’s History of Helping Members Become #FutureReady

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View Presentation on the Proposed MACPA Governance Changes

Hear Incoming Chair Ray Speciale, CPA, Esq and CEO Tom Hood discuss the reason and member feedback process over the last several years, leading up to these proposed changes to the Charter and Bylaws.


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